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Q: What is 561 in thousandths in decimals?
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How is 561 thousandths written?

Numerically, five hundred sixty-one thousandths is expressed as 561/1000. Since 561 and 1000 do not have any common factors, 561/1000 is the simplest form.

How do you do 561 thousands in decimals?


fourteen and twelve thousandths in decimals?

Fourteen and twelve thousandths in decimals is 14.012

How 561 thousandths written as a decimal?


How do you write four hundred ninety thousandths in decimals?

Four hundred ninety thousandths in decimals is 0.490

What is 27 thousandths in decimals?

27 thousandths = 0.027

Which is bigger hundredths or thousandths?

thousandths in decimals and whole #'s

What are the first five Decimals?

tenths, hundredths, thousandths, ten-thousandths, and hundred-thousandths

How do you write five thousandths in decimals for homework?

Five thousandths = 0.005

How do you write 114 thousandths in decimals?

114 thousandths = 0.114 in decimal

What is smaller thousandths or tenths in decimals?

Thousandths is smaller than tenths.

Eight thousandths in decimals is?