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The answer is 20.

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It equals 20

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Q: What is 5X4 equals?
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What times what equals twenty?

2X10 would work, as would 5X4.

If you know that 4x5 equals 20 how can you use the commutative order property to find 5x4?

The Commutative Property (of Multiplication) says that 4x5 = 5x4. So, If 4x5 = 20, then 5x4 will also be 20.

What property is 4x5 equals 5x4?

Associative property

What other then 5x4 equals 20?

1x20 2x10 4x5

8x plus 5x plus 9 equals 61 what is x?

8x4+5x4 +9= 61

What is 5x4 meters in to feet?

5x4 meters = 20m2 = 215.28 square feet.

How do you factor 5x4 plus 20x3plus 45x equals?

5x is a common factor of all terms:- 5x(x3+4x2+9)

How many sq meters in 5x4?

20, in case the 5 and 4 in "5x4" refer to metres and the shape is a rectangle.

What 5X4 represents?


What does 5x4 equal?


How do you factorise 5x4 - 2x?

5x4 - 2x = x*(5x3 - 2) and that cannot be factorised further without invoking surds.

What is the lug pattern for a 1969 dodge dart?

The lug pattern for 69 Dart is 5x4" original.

Which is more the sum of 4 and 5 or the product of 4 and 5?

the product of 5x4 because 5x4=20 and 5+4=9

What is 5x5+10-5x4-6-6x4?


What is the degree of the polynomial 6x3y2 5x4 7z?


Why 5x4 would not work as commutative property?

Not sure what "would not work" in this case. The corresponding commutative property states that 5x4 is the same as 4x5.

Social studies fair topics?


What is five lots of 4?


What is the stud pattern on a 1968 ve valiant?

Should be a 5x4 unless some one put the big bolt pattern on then it would be 5x4-1/2

Can you use the facts 5x4 and 1x4 to find 6x8?

no. 6x8 =48. 5x4 + 1x4 =20 + 4 =24.

What numbers can be multiplied to equal to 20?

2x10, 5x4

What is a commutative property?

something like 5x4=4x5.

What cars fit 5X4 lug pattern?


How you do 3 (12 -63)?

( 5x4 y4 −−−−−−√ ) ( 6x2y−−−−√ )

How do you subtract 7x 3 - 5x 4?

7x3-5x4=(7x3)-(5x4)=(21)-(20)=1 I used the order of operations rule, PEMDAS