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66 and two thirds written as a fraction is 200/3. to find this, find a common denominator between 66/1 and 2/3. 3 works here, meaning that to keep the same fraction (66/1), 66 would have to be multiplied by 3/3 (1). The two numbers can then be added together, as they have a common denominator of 3.

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Q: What is 66 and two thirds as a fraction?
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What the fraction of 66 percent?


What is the fraction two thirds as a percent?

66 and 2/3%

What is 66 and two thirds percent as a fraction?

As a mixed number: 66 2/3. As an improper fraction: 200/3

What is 66 and two thirds percent times by 3 as a fraction?


How do you write 66 and two thirds percent as a fraction in its simplest form?


What is 66 and 2 thirds as a fraction?

66 and 2/3 as an improper fraction is 200/3

Increase 21300 by 66 and two thirds?

Presumably the word "percent" is missing from the question (otherwise it would be too simple even for this site). 66 & 2/3% = the fraction two-thirds; two-thirds of 21300 = 14200 so the answer is 35500

What is the equvilent fraction for 66 and two thirds?

There are an infinite number of those.200/3 is one of them.

What is 66 and two thirds in fraction and decimal form?

66 2/3 and 66.666666666 (I don't know how to do 6 repeating on the computer)

What is 66 and two thirds as a decimal?

66 and two thirds as a decimal = 66.67

What is two thirds of 66 as a percent?

Two thirds of 66 is 44 percent. 22 is one third of 66 so 44 is two thirds.

How much is our is made our of water?

Two thirds 2/3 (fraction) 66 2/3 percent