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68 percent as a fraction in lowest terms is 17/25

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Q: What is 68 percent as a frac tion in lowest terms?
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How do you convert 0.465 into a frac tion and percent?

It is: 0.465*100 = 46.5% and 57/125 as a fraction in its simplest form

What is frac tion of 48 is 8?

8 is one sixth of 48.

Is fraction a three syllable word?

No the word fraction has two syllables. Frac-tion.

How do you convert 0.465 into a frac tion?

0.465 = 465/1000 = 57/125 in its simplest form

What is the percentage of 17 out of 40 as a frac tion?

Multiply it by 100: 17/40 times 100 = 42.5%

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