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6.125 ft.

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Q: What is 6 and one eigth of a ft equal in decimals?
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25 in equal how many ft?

2 feet with one inch left to divide into decimals or fractions

How many decimals in 12000 sq ft?

There are no decimals in 12000 * * * * * 12000 sq ft = 27.55 decimals.

What is 21780 sq ft. in decimal?

It is 50 decimals.

How many sq ft of 4 decimal?

4 decimals = 1742.4 sq ft.

How much ft can equal 5 mi?

26400 ft are in 5 miles. 5280 ft in one mile

Does 3 ft equal one yard?

yes 3ft is equal to 1 yard

How many ft equal 1 chain?

22 feet equal one chain

How many inches are equal to one ft?

12 inches is one foot.

How many sq ft is equal to one acre?

1 acre = 43,560 sq ft

Is 7.895 ft equal to 8 ft?

Answer #1:No: expressed in metres, 8 feet minus 7.895 feet is equal to 0.032004 metres.=======================Answer #2:Without worrying about metres for the moment, or any other unit,7.895 of something is never equal to 8 of the same thing. If it were,then we could just discard decimals entirely, and bring true ecstacyto a lot of elementary school kids.

How much is a mile in ft?

One mile is equal to 5,280 feet.

Is one ft equal to twelve inches?

Yes, one foot = 12 inches.