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6 x 4 = 24 square meters

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Q: What is 6 meters bye 4 meters in square meters?
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How many square meters in 4 feet by 6 feet?

About 2.2 square meters (2.22967296)

If a room measures 6 feet by 4 feet how many square meters is that?

2.23 square meters.

The perimeter of a square depends on the length of its sides A square with a side length of 4 meters has a perimeter of 16 meters A square with a side length of 6 meters has a perimeter of 24 meters?

The perimeter of a square is 400 meters. write an equation for the perimeter and solve for the length of one side

How many square meters have you got 6x4 square meter?

6*4 = 24 square metres.

4 x 6 mtr how many square meters?


6 meters X 6 meters how many square meters?

36 square metres

The area of a circle 6 meters in diameter exceeds the combined areas of a circle 4 meters in diameter and a circle 2 meters in diameter by how many square meters?

The area of a circle with 6 meters diameter is 9xpi square meters. The area of circles with 4 meters diameter and 2 meters diameter are 4xpi and 1xpi square meters respectively. The combined area is 5xpi square meters. Thus the area 6 diameter circle exceeds the combined area by (9-5)xpi= 4xpi square meters. Substituting the value of pi as 3. 14, the exceeding area is 12. 56 square meters.

What is 2 meters x 3 meters in square meters?

6 square meters

How large is 36 square meters?

36 square meters can be a square of legnth 6 meters.

What is the square meter of 11.5 meters x 6 meters?

There are 11.5 times 6 = 69 square meters

What is the surface area of a sphere with a radius of 6 meters?

It is: 4*pi*62 = 144*pi square meters

What is 6 square meters?

Six square meters is 64.58 square feet.