What is 75percent as fraction?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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"percent" means "out of a hundred" or "over a hundred"

⇒ 75 % = 75/100

= 3/4

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Q: What is 75percent as fraction?
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What is 75percent in fraction form in lowest term?


How do you change 0.75 into a fraction or mixed number in simplest form?

75percent or 3/4

What is 75percent of 420?

75percent of 420 is equal to 315.

What percentage does the state test cover?


What percentage of water do you have on earth?

the earth is filled with `bodies owater soit is 3/4 asa fraction and id you divide 4 by 3 you get a decimal move it to the rigth and its going to be 75percent

How many asylum seekers are rejected?

Approx 75percent!

One third of a circle is what purcent of a circle?


How much of the earth surface is covered by water?

it is 75percent

How much of earth's surface is cover by water?

it is 75percent

How many inches in 75percent of a 1 yard?

27 inches

What is 75percent of 60?

you'ld have to get 45 out of 60 in order to get 75%.

What is the Climate in the Neritic Zone?

75percent that's wat it says in research