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7 and one third minus 3 and 9 tenths is six and 13 over 30

3 and 13/30

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What is nine tenths minus one third?

That is 0.566

What is the answer to nine tenths minus one third?

It is: 17/30

Which is greater one third or nine tenths?

Nine tenths is greater than one third.

What is nine tenths mius one third?

It is: 9/10 minus 1/3 = 17/30

What is nine tenths minus one half equals?

4 tenths

What is nine tenths plus two fifths minus one fourth?

Nine tenths plus two fifths minus one fourth is equal to 1.05

What is three and four tenths minus one and nine tenths?

1 and 1half.

What is one hundred minus seven tenths?

One hundred minus seven tenths is ninety-nine and three tenths. It is actually a fairly easy problem.

Is finding nine-tenths minus one-half the as finding nine-tenths minus one fourth minus one fourthExplain.?

Yes, because 1/4 + 1/4 = 1/2

What is six tenths minus one third?


What is nine tenths minus one half?

9/10 - 1/2 = 9/10 - 5/10 = 4/10 = 2/5.Or, 0.9 - 0.5 = 0.4.Nine tenths minus one half is four tenths.

What is nine tenths minus what equal one fifth?

Eight Fifths

What is nine and nine tenths minus five and one-half?

4 and two fifths

What is one third of nine tenths?


What does nine-tenths minus one fifth equal?


What is nine tenths minus four fifths?

1 tenth

What is one third minus three tenths?

1/3 minus 3/10 is 1/30.

Is one third greater than nine tenths?


What is 2 and one third times nine tenths'?

Twenty-one tenths, which is 2 and one tenth or 2.1 in decimal.

What is nine minus one third?

Eight and two thirds

What is nine tenths minus one fifth?

9/10 - 1/5 = 7/10

What is nine tenths minus one thirds?

27/30 - 10/30 = 17/30

What is the nine Minus one third?

9 minus 1/3 is 8 2/3

What is 8 tenths minus one fifth?

One fifth is two tenths. 8 tenths minus 2 tenths is 6 tenths or 3 fifths.

What is One half minus three eighteenths?

One half is nine eighteenths. Nine eighteenths minus three eighteenths is six eighteenths, which is also one third.