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70 percent or a C

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Q: What is 7 out of 10 grade?
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What is the letter grade for 7 out of 10?

what does 7/10 mean as a a grade

What is my grade if i get a 7 out of 10?

7/10 = .7 = .70 = 70%. Usually a "C", depending on the "curve"

What a letter grade if you get 7 out of 10?


How can you find the grade average from three wrong out of 10 questions?

10 - 3 = 7 7 / 10 = .7 = 70%

What grade is preteens?

A preteen is like 10 to 12 and a teen is 13 to 18 so it would be like...grade 5 to grade 7

You answered 7 out of 10 questions correctly what is your grade?

If the answers are being graded on a 10 point each scale the grade would equate to a 70%.

How do you teach netball to grade 7?

how to teach netball to grade 7? how to teach netball to grade 7?

If your in grade 7 and you move to Australia what grade will you be in?

you are still learning 7 grade

What grade is late elementary?

I'm thinking is 10-11 in the fifth grade because early elementary is 3-5 preschool to 7-8 second grade .Middle elementary is 8-9 third grade to 9-10 fourth grade that's how i know these stuff @

What is grade 7?

Grade 7 is considered to be a junior mhigh school grade. You are not yet in high school yet but you are one grade away. In some schools grade 6 and 7 are in their own school.

What grade is 7 out of 10?

That's up to the teacher. It's not the same grade in all classes, and it's not even the same grade on all tests in the same class.

What grade is a 5 out of 10 in math?

generally, a is 8.5+, b is 7 to 8.5, c is 5.5 to 7, so it would be a D

How many seconds grenade fuse have?

between 7 and 10 seconds according to the grade of the explosion

What is the number grade for passing 7 grade?

8th grade

Can you study grade 10 at unisa?

can i study grade 10 at unisa

What grade is coco Jones in?

she is in 7 grade

What is the education like in Poland?

- Since Changes In 2009.. Education In Poland Is: Ages 5-6 (Kindergarten) 7-8 1st Grade 8-9 2nd Grade 9-10 3rd Grade 10-11 4th Grade 11-12 5th Grade 12-13 6th Grade 13-14 7th Grade 14-15 8th Grade And The Rest Is High School. In Poland You Must Start At Age Seven.

Results grade 1-7 means?

which grade

What are some really good speech topics for a grade 7 10?

Pollution, obesity rates, tax increase...

How would you grade something that is a 7 out of 8?

You divide 7 out of 8. 7/8=0.875 Therefore the grade would be 88.

What is grade 10 11 12 in the states?

If a person is grade 10, 11, or 12, he/she is in high school. High school contains four grades; ninth grade, tenth grade, eleventh grade, and twelfth grade.

What does insurance grade 7 mean when buying a car?

Grade 7 is the rating on which your insurance is based on. The lower the number the lower the car insurance. For Example my car is a grade 26 which is one of the highest grades you can get grade 7 will be fairly cheap.

What is the height of a basketball hoop in cyo basketball?

for 4th grade it is 10 feet but under that is 7 feet any thing above 4th is 10 feet

What grade is being required in dawood university?

grade 7

What grade are you in when you are 7?

I think it is 3 rd or 2ncd grade:)

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What letter grade is 7 out of 10?

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