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Q: What is 7c plus c?
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Related questions

What is the algebric answer to this 7C minus open bracket C plus 2 close bracket?

7C MINUS bracket open c plus 2 bracket close equals 7c minus c minus 2 equals 6c minus 2

What is the answer -7c plus 6 equals -15?

c = 3

What is 16a plus 3b-c-5a plus 3b plus 7c plus a equals?

12a + 6b + 6c = 6(2a + b + c)

How do you simplify 4c2 plus 5c plus 2c?

4c2 + 5c + 2c = 4c2 + 7c = c(4c + 7)

How do you factor out 7c?

The factors of 7c are 1, 7 and c

What is 5c plus 7c plus 2b?

12c + 2b

5c plus 7-3 plus 2c?


How does 7c plus 3c equals 240?

Collecting like terms together, 10c = 240, therefore, c = 240/10 c is therefore equal to 24.

Is 14 a solution of 8c plus 2 - 7c equals -24 plus 12?


What does c stands for in mouthpiece 7c?

C is the the cup size while the number is the depth of the cup

How do you factor C squared plus C minus 56?

c^2 + c - 56 = (c - 7)(c + 8) using the factoring rule: c -7 -7c x x + c 8 8c c^2 -56 c

What is 5 equals 7c-9?

Add 9 to both sides: 7c - 14 Divide both sides by seven: c = 2

What is the factor for this monomial -7c squared?

-1 x 7 x c x c = -7c2

How do you solve 2c-105-3c7c?


What is 3a plus 2b plus 3c plus 2a plus 4c plus b equals?

Gathering like terms together, this is equal to 5a + 3b + 7c.

What is the answer to this 2c plus 7 equals 9 plus 6 minus 7c plus 2c?

Well I got this: 2c+7=9+6-7c+2c 2c+7=15-9c 11c+7=15 (add 9c) 11c=8 ( Subtract 7) 11---11 ( Divide 11) C=0.72

How do you solve this 7c plus 2 plus 3c?

It equals 10c+2 because you have to combine like terms when you use variables. So since there is a 7c and a 3c you add those because it says plus add you end up with 10c+2 because you are still adding the 2.

What is Factor 7c 84?

7(c + 12)

What is the difference between 7c or 3.5 c?

3.5 and a space :)

What is the highest when you calculate 7c plus 42 plus 5d plus 64-3e if c10and 101 and e 5?

Need your help for answer

How do you factor c squared minus 7c plus 10?

To factor this equation... if you have learned before, find 2 numbers that add up to the middle value (-7) and multiply together to have a product of the last value (+10). You can use guess and check for this problem... but if you haven't already found it... the sum of -5 and -2 is -7... and the product of -5 and -2 is +10, so we can use the values -5 and -2.... The solution is (c-5)(c-2) = c^2 - 7c + 10.

How would 5982750007 be written in expanded form A.5000000 plus 900000 plus 80000 plus 2000 plus 700 plus 50 plus 7B.5000000 plus 900000 plus 80000 plus 20000 plus 7000 plus 50 plus 7C.5000000000 plus?

It's likely that C was going to be the answer since A and B were incorrect. We don't know if there was going to be a D. Here's the correct answer: 5000000000 + 900000000 + 80000000 + 2000000 + 700000 + 50000 + 7

What is 36-4c-3c equals 22?

36-4c-3c=22 -7c=22-36 -7c=-14 therefore c=2

What is c plus language?

There is no language called c plus. There is c, and there is c plus plus, but no c plus.

What is c plus c plus 2c plus c plus c equal?

c + c + 2c + c + c = 6c