What is 7x-4?

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Seven times negative four equals negative 28. (7 X -4 = -28)

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Q: What is 7x-4?
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What is 7x4 equal?

7x4 equals 28.

What is 3 plus 7x4?


What are seven fours?


What is 2x6 5x3 - 7x4?

An expression. It can be factored out slightly too: 2x6 + 5x3 - 7x4 = x3(2x3 - 7x + 5)

What does 7x4 equal?

7 x 4 = 28

Number of days in 4 weeks?

7x4=28 days

37-16 plus ( 7x4 )?

The answer is: 49

What goes into 28 and 42?

7x6=42 7x4=28

How many days in 4 weeks?

the answer is 28(7x4=28)

How do you write this eqation Seven times the sum and a number?


What is 7x squared times x squared?

7x2*x2 = 7x4

What is 7 rows of 4?

7x4 That's 28 all together.

What is 7x4?

7x4 = 28. 7+7+7+7=28 4+4+4+4+4+4+4=28

How many quarters in seven and a half?

OK, so you do 7x4 (seven is the main number, and 4 quarters are a whole). The answer to 7x4 is 28. Then in a half there are 2 quarters, so you add 2 to 28 which is 30

How many quarts 7 gallons 2 quarts?

7x4+2 = 30

How do you you write an expression for number of days in 4 weeks?

7x4=28 days

Is seven times four equal twenty nine?

7x4 equals 28

How many playoff games can an NHL team play in a season?


Do an array for the following problem 8x9 9x6 7x5 7x4 8x3?


What multiplication fact can you double to find 4x7?

commutative (order) property

What is 12 less than 7x4?

28 aka 4+4+4+4

What is related multiplication fact for 7 plus 4 equals 11?


Where is the math of calendars?

the first day, the second..... Basically counting, adding (7+7), or multiplying (7x4)

What does it mean when you multiply by 4?

It means when you times(x) by for like 7 multiply by 4 is the same as 7x4

What divided by 7 equals 4?

It Equals 28. If You Do 7x4 It Will Say 28.