What is 7x20?

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7x20 is 140. Cause of Multiplication Being Repeated Addition it is 7 rows of 20








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Q: What is 7x20?
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How many days make 20 weeks?


How to install a tasco 3-7x20 to a rifle?

Best left to a gunsmith.

Does anyone have any information and the value of a Western Field 25-7x20 Scope 60-1223?

almost nothing

What does 22x17 equal?

The answer is 374 because 10x20=200 10x2=20 7x20=140 7x2=14 Add then all together the answer is 374

Can you use a Tasco 3-7x20 Rimfire Rifle Scope on an airsoft gun?

if it has the correct rail size then yes, i have a rimfire scope on mine.

How can you solve 7x23 in two different ways?

you can do the traditional multiplication 23 x 7= or you can use the distributive property 7x20=? and 7x3=? add them together to get 161 You always have the choice of doing it by calculator or by pencil.

Can you use a Tasco 3-7x20 rimfire rifle scope on a break barrel air gun?

It may work but it is not normally recommended because the shock from a pellet rifle is different from a regular firearm and it been known to jar loose the glass in a rimfire scope mounted on a pellet rifle.

What are the first 5 common multiples of 7 and 20?

The first 5 common multiples are: 7x20 = 140 2x7x20 = 280 3x7x20 = 420 4x7x20 = 560 5x7x20 = 700

What r the multiples of 20?

1,2,4,5,10,20 2x20=40 3x20=60 4x20=80 5x20=100 6x20=120 7x20=140 8x20=160 9x20=180 10x20=200

What does 7 score mean?

Score is an old term meaning 20. Similarly, we still use dozen to mean 12 of anything. The most famouse example I know is when Abe Lincoln used "Four score and seven years ago" in a speech. It was a fancy way of saying 87 years. So 7 score of whatever you are counting would be 7x20=140 of them.

What is six and one fifth plus one and three forth?

61/5 + 13/4 = 6x5+1/5 + 1x4+3/4 = 31/5 + 7/4 = 31x4/5x4 + 7x5/4x5 = 124/20 + 35/20 = 159/20 = 7x20+19/20 = 719/20

What times what equals 140?

10 times 14 or 14 times 10 = 14020 times 7 or 7 times 20 = 14028 times 5 or 5 times 28 =140.70 times 2 or 2 times 70 =140.

What are the next two numbers in this pattern 6 13 27 55?

6,13,27,55, 111, 223 ... Here is why: 6 + (1x7) makes 13 13 + (2x7) makes 27 27 + (4x7) makes 55 55 + (8x7) makes 111 111 + (16x7) makes 223 Or this way explains the answer using powers of 2: (7x20)-1 makes 6 (7x21)-1 makes 13 (7x22)-1 makes 27 (7x23)-1 makes 55 (7x24)-1 makes 111 (7x25)-1 makes 223

What are the factors and prime factors of 140?

The factors of 140 are 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 10, 14, 20, 28, 35, 70, and 140.The prime factors of 140 are 2, 2, 5, and 7.The prime factorization of 140 is 2 x 2 x 5 x 7.NOTE: There cannot be common factors, a greatest common factor, or a least common multiple because "common" refers to factors or multiples that two or more numbers have in common. The factor pairs of 140 are:1x1402x704x355x287x2010x14what are all the factors of 1401, 2, 4, 5, 7, 20, 28, 35, 70, 140

What do the numbers describing binoculars mean?

Example: 7x35The first number is the magnification. The image will appear 7 times the size it will be with the naked eye.The second number is the size of the objective (front) lens, which determines the binoculars' ability to gather light. This is an important issue in hunting, when they are often used at dawn and dusk, and while looking into tree lines, etc.The smaller the first number in relation to the second number, the more light gathering. For example, a 7x20 instrument would not do as well in dim light as a 6x20, or a 7x35. A 7 or 8x50 would be even better, but at sizes above 7x35 weight and size become a factor in glasses meant for hunting.A problem with hunting is temperature changes. Cheap glasses that are not well-sealed may fog internally, and are nearly impossible to depend on after that. A good pair of 7x35's should give you all the performance you need in the field. Plan on spending about $100 - 150 and up for a good waterproof pair. It is better to do that to begin with than to have to throw away a 50 dollar pair and then buy a good pair anyway.And stick with name brands. You do that with your rifles and shotguns, so why get cheap when purchasing the equipment that will give you a chance to use them?

What are the multiples of 7 up to 500?

7x1=7, 7x2=14, 7x3=21, 7x4=28,7x5=35, 7x6=42, 7x7=49, 7x8=56,7x9=63, 7x10=70, 7x11=77, 7x12=84,7x13=91, 7x14=91, 7x15=105, 7x16=112,7x17=119, 7x18=126, 7x19=133, 7x20=140,7x21=147, 7x22=154, 7x23=161, 7x24=168,7x25=175, 7x26=182, 7x27=189, 7x28=196,7x29=203, 7x30=210, 7x31=217, 7x32=224,7x33=231, 7x34=238, 7x35=245, 7x36=252,7x37=259, 7x38=266, 7x39=273, 7x40=280,7x41=287, 7x42=294, 7x43=301, 7x44=308,7x45=315, 7x46=322, 7x47=329, 7x48=336,7x49=343, 7x50=350, 7x51=357, 7x52=364,7x53=371, 7x54=378, 7x55=385, 7x56=392,7x57=399, 7x58=406, 7x59=413, 7x60=420,7x61=427, 7x62=434, 7x63=441, 7x64=448,7x65=455, 7x66=462, 7x67=469, 7x68=476,7x69=483, 7x70=490, 7x71=497