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7x4 equals 28.

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bruh rlly in third grade i alredy know it
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Q: What is 7x4 equal?
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What does 7x4 equal?

7 x 4 = 28

Is seven times four equal twenty nine?

7x4 equals 28

What is the product of 7 and 4 plus the product of 4 and 7 is equal to?

(7x4) + (4x7) = 28 + 28 = 56

What is 3 plus 7x4?


What are seven fours?


What is 2x6 5x3 - 7x4?

An expression. It can be factored out slightly too: 2x6 + 5x3 - 7x4 = x3(2x3 - 7x + 5)

Number of days in 4 weeks?

7x4=28 days

37-16 plus ( 7x4 )?

The answer is: 49

What goes into 28 and 42?

7x6=42 7x4=28

How many days in 4 weeks?

the answer is 28(7x4=28)

How do you write this eqation Seven times the sum and a number?


What is 7x squared times x squared?

7x2*x2 = 7x4

What is 7 rows of 4?

7x4 That's 28 all together.

What is 7x4?

7x4 = 28. 7+7+7+7=28 4+4+4+4+4+4+4=28

How many quarters in seven and a half?

OK, so you do 7x4 (seven is the main number, and 4 quarters are a whole). The answer to 7x4 is 28. Then in a half there are 2 quarters, so you add 2 to 28 which is 30

How many quarts 7 gallons 2 quarts?

7x4+2 = 30

How do you you write an expression for number of days in 4 weeks?

7x4=28 days

How many playoff games can an NHL team play in a season?


Do an array for the following problem 8x9 9x6 7x5 7x4 8x3?


What multiplication fact can you double to find 4x7?

commutative (order) property

How do you find mixed numbers equal to fractions?

multiply the denominator (bottom number) by the whole number and add that to the top number. for example. 7 and 1/4 7x4=28 28+1 =29 29/4

What is 12 less than 7x4?

28 aka 4+4+4+4

What is related multiplication fact for 7 plus 4 equals 11?


What are the first five terms of n plus 7?

What does N equal? Well to solve the problem you would do N+7x1, N+7x2, N+7x 3, N+7x4, N+7x5 to figure out the first five terms.

Where is the math of calendars?

the first day, the second..... Basically counting, adding (7+7), or multiplying (7x4)

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