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(84×12)÷60= 16.8 inches per minute

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Q: What is 84 feet per hour converted into inches per minute?
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What is 48 feet per hour converted into inches per minute?

48 feet per hour converts to 9.6 inches per minute.

What is 2 meters per minute converted to feet per hour?

2 metres/minute = 393.7 feet per hour

How do i change 6 inches per minute to feet per hour?

Use this formula to convert inches per minute to feet per hour:inches per second x 300 = feet per hour. So: 6 inches per minute x 300 = 1,800 feet per hour

How much is 8 miles per hour converted to feet per minute?

704 fpm

What is 18 feet per minute in inches per hour?

12,960 inches per hour

How do you convert 600 feet per hour to cubic inches per minute?

The question needs to be clarified or corrected: feet per hour is [Length]/[time], and cubic inches per minute is [Length³]/[time]. They are not dimensionally equivalent.

If you are traveling at 12 mile per hour how many inches do you move per minute?

Here's the steps I took to solve:12 miles / 1 hour = (converting hour to minutes)(1 hour = 60 minutes)12 miles / 60 minutes = (converting miles to feet)(1 mile = 5280 feet)63360 feet / 60 minutes = (converting feet to inches)(1 foot = 12 inches)760320 inches / 60 minutes = (divide by 60 to make denominator 1 minute)12672 inches / 1 minute

What is 7 miles per hour converted into meters per minute?

there is 5280 feet in a mile and 3.28 feet in one meter and 60 minutes in one hour 7 x 5280/3.28/60 = 187.8 meters/minute

How many miles per hour will 28-inch bike will spins 250 rev per minute?


How do you convert inches per minute to inches per hour?

There are 60 minutes per hour. So there are 60 times as many inches per hour as there are inches per minute.

How many feet will a snail travel in 4.80 hours if it moves at an average speed of 1.26 inches per minute?

1.26 inches per min. * 60 = 75.6 inches per hour.4.80 hours * 75.6 inches per hour = 362.88 inches traveled.362.88 inches / 12 = 30.24 feet traveled.

If a car travels at 55 miles per hour what is the speed in feet per minute?

(55 mile/hour) x (5,280 feet/mile) x (hour / 60 minute) = 4,840 feet/minute