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It is (h - 8) feet where h is the height of the building, measured in feet.

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Q: What is 8 feet shorter than the building?
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Which one is less 8 yards or 18 feet?

1 yard = 3 feet 8 yards = 24 feet Therefore, 18 feet is a shorter distance than 8 yards.

How tall is a 3 story house?

At least 24 feet high, based on 8-foot ceilings. If the 3rd floor is built into the roof, the building will be shorter than if there is a separate attic under an angled roof.

Which is shorter 3 quarter of a foot or 8 inches?

8 inches is shorter than 3 quarter of a foot.

Is 95 in shorter than 8 ft?


Is 8 yards longer or shorter than 8 meters?

Yards are longer than metres

How many feet is a 9 story tall building?

703 ft 8 7 / 8 inches.

What is longer 64 feet or 8 yards?

64 feet = (21 and 1/3) yards. That's the longer one. 8 yards = 24 feet. That's the shorter one.

Is 27 feet greater or less than 8 yards?

27 feet is greater than 8 yards. There are 3 feet in a yard, so in 8 yards there are 24 feet. So 27 feet is 3 feet greater than 8 yards.

Is 100 inches greater than 8 feet?

100 inches is grater than 8 feet

If you have 8 feet of string you need 2 yards of string how much do she need to cut off?

There are 3 feet in one yard. Therefore, 2 yards is equal to 6 feet. This is two feet shorter than eight, therefore, two feet need to be chopped off.

8 yards is greater than 20 feet?

Yes , 8 yards is greater than 20 feet. Even 7 yards is more than 20 feet.

Is 98 inches greater than less than or equal to 8 feet?

It is greater than 8 feet. It is actually 8' 2".