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I assume you mean millilitres, because you cannot directly associate millimetres and cm cubed (length and volume). I assume you mean millilitres. In this case ml is the same thing as cm cubed. So 8cm cubed is 8ml.

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Q: What is 8cm cubed into millimetres?
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How many centemitres in 86 millimetres?

8cm 6mm

What is the area of a cube with side length 2cm?

8cm cubed

How do you convert cubic millimeter to galon?

There are 3.78541178 litres in a gallon. A litre is a decimetre cubed. Therefore there are 1,000,000 millimetres cubed in a litre. So there are 3,785,411.78 millimetres cubed in a gallon.

How many millimetres are in a decilitre?

You can't associate volume and length. I'll make an assumption that you either meant millimetres cubed or millilitres. There are 100,000 millimetres cubed in a decilitre. There are 100 millilitres in a decilitre.

Volume of a cube measure 2centimeters x 2 centimeters?

8cm cubed

How many cubic ml Are in a cubic inch?

1 inch cubed = 16,387.064 millimetres cubed

How many millimetres in 8cm?

1 cm is = to 10 mm so 8 cm is = to 80 mm

How many millimetres are there in two liters?

You cannot associated length and volume directly. If however you mean millilitres, there are 1000 millilitres in a litre. If you mean millimetres cubed, there are 1,000,000 mm cubed in a litre.

How many liters are in 9936 millimeters?

You cannot directly associate length and volume. However I guess you either meant millilitres or millimetres cubed. There are 9.936 litres in 9936 millilitres. There are 0.009936 litres in 9936 millimetres cubed.

How many millimeters are there in 8cm?

There are 10mm in a centimetre. This means you have to multiply cm by 10 to get mm. i.e. 8*10 gives you 80 millimetres.

How many millimetres in a millilitre?

You cannot associate these directly as one is in volume and one is length. Volume is length cubed. If you meant millimetre cubed, then the answer would be 1000.

What 4.94liters in millimetres?

You cannot associate these because volume is the cubed version of millimetres (third dimensional). However, if you meant millilitres (likely), there are 4940 millilitres in 4.94 litres.