What is 8x5 eaqual?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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See here is how if you have 8 cookie jars and there are 5 cookies in the jars, there are 40 cookies to give to your friends.

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Q: What is 8x5 eaqual?
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What is 8x5 divided by 4?

10 8x5 = 40 40/4 = 10

What is a triangle with two eaqual sides and two eaqual faces?

An isosceles triangle.

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What is 481.51x623.42 eaqual?

The answer is... 300182.96

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How do you Find the GCF of the terms of the polynomial 44x6 plus 8x5?

44x^6 not 44x6 and 8x^5 not 8x5, my bad

27-8x5 plus 10 equals?

27-8x5+10=?27-40+10=? -13+10=? =-3

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What is the prabobility of rolling a die once and getting a eaqual number?

None, since there is nothing for the number to be equal to (or eaqual, even).

What does 9x7 eaqual?

It equals 63

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