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9.67 as a mixed number in simplest form = 967/100

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Q: What is 9.67 as a mixed number in simplest form?
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What is divisible by 967?

Any number belonging to the set {967*k, where k is an integer}

What 9.67 in a fraction form?

9.67 in fraction form is 967/100 in fraction form

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What is the greatest number which when divided by 2053 and 967 leaves a remainder of 5 and 7 respectively?

The smallest number that satisfies the problem is 1718366. There is no greatest number; whatever value you specify as the greatest I can add 967 × 2053 = 1985251 and get an even greater number that solves the problem. This addition is divisible by both 2053 and 967, so when dividing by 2053 or 967 the (respective) remainder does not change.

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In the problem 967 divided by 21 the 967 is the?