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What is 900000000000?

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That is 900 Billion, The amount of the US Government Bailout package.

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What is 900000000000 divided by 300000000?


Is 900000000000 a number?

Yes it is.

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How many cubic feet are in a classroom?


How do you say 900000000000?

Nine hundred billion.

Cheats for bunny invasion?

say money for 900000000000

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How do you say 900000000000 in words?

900,000,000,000 = nine hundred billion.

How much is a average working persons salary?

900000000000 dollars a day

How old can a octopus get?

they can live up to 1 sec to 900000000000 years

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How many plane are found in the intersection of a line and a plane?

over 900000000000

Richest person in canada?

my name is ben word and i have 900000000000 billion dolars

How many World Cups have been held outside the Americas and Europe?

over 900000000000

If a pound was dropped out of a 900000000000 feet skyscraper would it kill someone below?

Not if it was a pound of feathers.

How much factories make money?

900000000000 billion pounds + 4332 cars + 8008 old people

What is 900000000000 30000000000 9000000000 400000000 30000000 6000000 600000 10000 5000 300 70 8 in standard form?


Did Obama give 900000000000 to rebuild the Gaza strip?

no Obama gave 9000000000000000 from American taxpayers to israel as an arms deal he did however pledge to give 900 million dollars to rebuild Gaza ( promised but hasn't been delivered yet because of israeli pressure )

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