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Q: What is 9 times 4 and two thirds?
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What does two thirds times two thirds equal?

2/3 x 2/3 is 4/9

What is the answer to 9 and two thirds and 5 and two thirds?

the answer to nine and two thirds and five and two thirds is 4

What is the answer to four thirds times two thirds?

2 of them times 4 is 8, so 8 thirds = 8/3 = 2 and 2/3

What is two thirds times four sixths?

It is: 4/6 times 2/3 = 4/9 in its simplest form

What is two ninths multiplied by two thirds?

0.148148148148148148148148148148148148148148148148148148......... or 2/9 times 2/3 =4/27

What is 9 times 8 and two thirds?


What is 2 thirds times 2 thirds?

4 over 9 (fraction)

What is one sixths times two thirds?

the answer is 1/9

What is two thirds times four ninths in simplest terms?

(2/3) x (4/9) = 8/27

What is the same as two third?

The same as two thirds is 4/9

How many twelfths are in two thirds?

There are eight twelfths in two thirds.

What are two fractions that are equivalent to two thirds?

Two thirds is equivalent to four sixths (4/6 or 4 over 6) and six ninths (6/9 or 6 over 9).