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11.03 sq metres, approx.

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What is 12ft 3 x 9ft 6 in m2?

10.81159128 square meter

How many inches in 12ft 6in?

There are 12 inches in 1 foot.Therefore 12 x 12 + 6 = 150 inches in 12ft 6in.

What is 3yd 9ft 2inches -1yd 8ft 6 inches?

(3yd + 9ft + 2in) - (1yd + 8ft + 6in)(108in + 108in + 2in) = (36in + 96in + 6in)218in - 138in80in or 2yd 8in

How many square metres is 7ft x 9ft?

5.85289152 m2

What is 8ft by 2 in by 3 yd volume?

first you need to convert all of the measurements into one units. Lets use ft as the universal unit in this case. 8ft = 8ft (Obviously!) 2in = 1/6ft 3yd = 9ft 8ft by (1/6)ft by 9ft = 12ft Volume = 12ft

9ft x 6 ft in square meters?

Google tells me that 54 sq ft is slightly more than 5.0 m2

How many inches is 9ft 6in?

First you need to convert 9 feet to inches. There is 12 inches for every feet. so there is 114 inches in 9 feet and 6 inches

What is the area of a square 6 inches by 6 inches?

The area of a square 6in X 6in is 36in.

How many 1ft and 6in can go into 6 feet?

how can you write as in circle pie 1ft and 6in

18 ft 6in how many yd and in?

6 yds., 6 in.

How many square meters in a room that measures 9ft by 8ft?

3.28 ft ≈ 1 m ⇒ 9 ft x 8 ft ≈ (9 ÷ 3.28 m) x (8 ÷ 3.28 m) ≈ 6.69 m2

What is 6in in centimeters?

6 inches is 15.24 centimeters.

How do you get the answer of the area?

The area of a square or rectangle is length times the width. Example: 6in x 6in square is 6 x 6 = 36 square inches (can be written as 36in2).

What is the circumference if diameter is 6in?

circumference = 6*pi inches

How many feet are in 2ft 6 in?

2ft 6in.=30inches

What is the length of a 6 inch subway in meters?

6in = 152.40mm .

How tall does marijuana grow outdoors?

Anywhere from 6-12ft.

How deep is the London Olympics Water Polo pool?

12ft No, its not 12ft... It's 2 meters, or a little more than 6 feet

How tall is Sebastian applewhite?

9ft 6" the man himself told me

How much inches is 5ft 6in?

5ft= 60 in. + 6 in.= 66 in.

How much is 5ft 6in is in cm?

5' 6" = 167.6 cm

How many yards in 2ft 6in?

how many yards in 2ft 6 in

What is the area of a circle if it is 12ft?

Assuming the 12ft is the diameter of the circle. The formula is A = pi x r2 Pi = 3.14 for general use. Therefore, (6 x 6) x 3.14 = 113.04ft2

What is the abbreviation of inch?

Inch can be abbreviated to either in or use the symbol " like this 6 inch 6 in. 6in 6"

Well what is the area of a pool that is 30ft by 12ft?

6 foot deep ,

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