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It is a complex fraction.

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Q: What is A fraction as a fraction in the nominator and denominator or both?
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How do you find the decimal in a fraction?

Divide the nominator by the denominator.

Is this the nominator on top or bottom of a fraction?

There is no such term as the nominator. The numerator goes on top and the denominator on the bottom.

What is the simplest reduction of the fraction 4over 32?

Divide the top and bottom (nominator and denominator) by the largest number they both can be divided by. In this case 4/32 divide the nominator and denominator by 4. This equals 1/8.

What is the other name for numerator and denominator?

"The numerator and denominator are known as the fraction bar.โ€

How would you use the multiplication rule to find common denominators?

multiply the nominator and denominator of each fraction by the denominator of the other fraction

What do you do if you want to double a fraction?

To double a fraction double the numerator and keep the denominator unchanged.

How can you change a fraction to a like fraction?

Multiply or divide both the nominator and denominator. For example your fraction is 1/2: you could: multiply by 2 and get 2/4 which is equal.

Convert a regular fraction into a improper fraction?

To convert a proper fraction to an improper fraction you multiply the whole number by the denominator plus the nominator and put your answer in your nominator spot over your same denominator. EXAMPLE:7 and a half converted into a improper fraction would be 15 over 2.

What is A fraction as a fraction in the numerator and nominator or both?

That's a complex fraction.

What is nominator and denominator?

In a fraction, the numerator represent the part out of the denominator which represents the total. Neither need be rational (or even real).

What is a fraction that has a fraction in the numerator or the denominator or both?

This is a complex fraction. Remember the 'slash' line in fractions means 'divide'. So if we have an example such as 1/2/3/4. We can separate with out by writing (1/2)/(3/4) ; note the use of brackets for clarity. Now the rule for division of fractions is invert the denomination(right hand) faction and proceed as for multiplication of fractions/ Hence 1/2/3/4 = ( 1/2) / (3/4) = > 1/2 X 4/3 Cancel down by '2' 1/1 X 2/3 = 2/3 The Answer to '1/2/3/4'. Amother example/ 2/3/4/9 = (2/3) /(4/9) (2/3)/(4/9) => 2/3 X 9/4Cancel down by '2' 1/3 X 9/2 Cancel down by '3' 1/1 x 3/2 = 3/2 '3/2' is an Improper (top heavy)Fraction and becomes 1 1/2 as a mixed number. Hence 1 1/2 = 2/3/4/9 Hope that helps!!!!

how to get the answer when you need to multiply fractions?

Butterfly or cross multiply method the nominator of the first fraction times the denominator of the second and vise versa.

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