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You should really convert such large numbers to years, to make it clearer. That's roughly a billion years; the lifetime of a star can be less than that, or more than that. It is estimated that in about a billion years, our Sun will become so hot that there won't be any life on Earth.

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Q: What is About 525 trillion minutes in astronomy?
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How long is a trillion minutes?

well one trillion minutes is one trillion minutes. If you are asking to convert it please contact me with further information, bbob2 (Lilyanna :)

What is a distance of 6 trillion miles or 10 trillion km called in astronomy?

A light year is equal to just under 10 trillion kilometers.

How many years is 13 trillion minutes?

13 trillion minutes = 24,717,236.4 years.

How many years in 2.26 trillion minutes?

2.26 trillion minutes = about 4.3 million (4,296,996.49) years.

A distance of ten trillion kilometers in astronomy is called?

a little light year

What are the units of measure used in astronomy?

the units mersured in astronomy astronomers use lite years the distance that lite travells in a year is trillion miles

How many minutes is their from 440 till 525?

45 minutes approximately

How many minutes are in a 1 year?

525 948.766 minutes

How many minutes does it take to orbit the sun?

525 960 minutes

In what field of science is a parsec used?

Astronomy. It is a measure of distance in space and is equal to 19.17 trillion miles.

How many picoseconds are there in five minutes?

5 minutes = 300 trillion picoseconds.

How many days are in a trillion minites?

1 trillion minutes/60minutes/hour/24hours/day = 694444444.4 days

How many minutes are in a trillion years?

Roughly 525,960,000,000,000,000 of them.

How many years in a trillion?

It depends on whether you mean a trillion years, days, hours, minutes seconds or fractions of seconds.

How many years is one trilluon minutes?

1 trillion minutes = 1,901,285 years (rounded)

How many hours is 830 am to 525 pm?

8 hours and 55 minutes.

How much time passes if it is from 525 to 1111?

5 hours and 46 minutes.

How many days in 1 trillion minutes?

There are 60 mins x 24 (hours in a day) = 1440 minutes in a day...Formula = 1,000,000,000,000 / 1440 = 694.4 daysAnswer= One Trillion minutes (1,000,000,000,000) makes up 694,444,444 daysLikely, none of us alive today would live long enough to count one trillion minutes because one trillion minutes would be approximately 1.9 MILLION YEARS!!

How many minute in 1 trillion seconds?

16,666,666,666.67 minutes.

How many years is thirteen trillion minutes?

24,716,708.5 years.

How many minutes did earth form 4.6 billion years ago?

The dust and gas from the solar nebula took about 10-20 million years to form into the earth starting with the molten centre of the Earth which cooled down to form a crust that allowed water to begin to accumulate. In one year there is 525 948.766 minutes. So 525 948.766 x 10= 5259487660000000 minutes. And 525 948.766 x 20= 10518975320000000 minutes. So it took between the 5259487660000000 minutes and 10518975320000000 minutes to form the earth.

One trillion minutes covers how many years?

1,902,587.519 years

How many hours is in 525 minutes?

Start by dividing the given number minutes by 60. The resulting number will give you the answer in hours. So in this case the answer is 8.75 hours.

How do you convert bada to android for wave 525?

get to the crater of a volcano that is going to erupt in just minutes then you will find your answer.

How many years would it take to spend a trillion dollars at a million minute?

A trillion dollars at a million [a] minute will take a billion minutes = 1901.3 years (approx).