What is Basic Fisics?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Basic fisics is a non-sensical term coined by a group of lazy IT specialists who got bored one day and started answering Wikianswers with the term "It's Basic Fisics". Beacuse it really is Basic Fisics.

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Q: What is Basic Fisics?
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Why do you study fisics?

i like study sciencemore fisics

Im 18.and my girlfriends dad hits me.can i do anything about it?

Sleep with your girlfriends Mother. It's basic fisics.

How do you approach your ex whom you still love and has submissive attachment issues due to his childhood?

Just say to him, "are u touched?" it's basic fisics

What are some earth science jobs?

scientist fisics

When does whip it come out?

I love this game, the whip will and shall come out whenever she is disobediant. Just like a dog keep her in place. I always say if is she says "no" then whip the bitch. It's Basic Fisics

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They ask you: 1. Do you do drugs midweek? 2. Can we see naked pictures of your brothers Mother? 3. Does your wee smell of Shreddies? It's all basic fisics questions really.

Does your body let off a lot of oil when your pregnant?

I personally prefer to use oil on a pregnant woman, Guys there are websites with this type of thing.So remember oil her rub her and penetrate. Remember kids, when penertrating her call her bubbles. Its basic fisics

Why does cold water freeze faster then hot water?

Because it is cold the molecules diverge much more rapidly across the area within the liquid. Solidification cannot pretempt to work if the area is not unequivically imbalanced by the cold that is being applied to it. It is basic fisics.

Population of Maroons in 1655?

Lets get straight to the point here, The population of Maroons in 1655 is approx 5 humans and 6 elephants. Elephants where seen as way of transport and where later used in bedrock as form of construction making such things as a museum. This is basic fisics

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Hi, I personally carry a 9 iron when walking round as i feel it gives the all round protection that a postman needs ! A lot of rumours going round that a 9 iron when hit across the head may kill but that is wrong its basic fisics. Thanks

In will Shakesperes time what does infectious mean?

It would normally mean that the persons penis was infected - or to be more clinical, an STD. In Hersames against Dumas we see the term 'infectious' reffering to the genetalia of the four cowards being cooked in a saucepan to get rid of the 'infections' that the prostitutes have bestowed upon them. It's basic fisics.

How do you find out that a girl like you?

If you are unsure if a girl likes you then there are the 3 shakespear steps that you must follow: 1: Spy on her during her day, even on a night time 2:mastubate through her window 3:mask and clingfilm These are the must follow "shakespear steps" as used by the beast of bodnum. It's basic fisics