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{Scepticism is a lazy man's consolation, since it showed the ignorant to be as wise as the reputed men of learning.} quote: Bertrand Russel, A History of Western Philosophy. 1945. In this passage on Cynics and Sceptics, Bertrand decries scepticism as being dead for 1800 years. How Wyrd. {It should be observed that Scepticism as a philosophy is not merely doubt, but what may be called dogmatic doubt. The sceptic says "Nobody knows, and nobody can ever know" It is this element of dogmatism that makes the system vulnerable. Sceptics of course, deny that they assert the impossibility of knowledge dogmatically, but their denials are not very convincing.} quote: Bertrand Russel, 1945

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Q: What is Bertrand Russelll's value on skepticism?
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