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Cocktail attire for men in California is casual, unless the invitation says formal. During fall and winter months, darker fabrics are worn and in the spring and summer, lighter fabrics and colors are worn. Slacks, a buttoned shirt, and sport coat are proper attire for men. California casual means jeans and sandals are acceptable.

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Q: What is California cocktail attire for men?
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What is cocktail attire?

California cocktail attire is a bit more relaxed than regular "cocktail attire". Generally cocktail attire would be considered a little black dress. However, California cocktail could be a pretty floral dress or a nice pants out fit. Since our weather is warmer and we spend more time outdoors all year around, we dress alittle more casual than most.

What was considered common cocktail attire for men in the 1950's?

The popular attire for men attending a cocktail party in the 1950's was slim silk pants and a custom made jacket. This was also the era when Ascot accessories were common.

California cocktail attire for men?

For any cocktail party, clothing should be a dark suit with a white or muted colored shirt. Accessories should be a subtly patterned tie, and black hard soled dress shoes.

What would a man wear at a California Cocktail event?

If the invitation says 'cockatail attire' then he needs to wear a coat and tie.

What Is Business Cocktail Attire?

Business cocktail attire is a step above what you would wear to work, as far as being dressier. However, it is not as flashy as typical cocktail attire. The clothing should be dressy, but conservative for both males and females.

What is Black and White Cocktail Attire?

It means black, white or mixed colour cocktail dress for women, black white or mixed suit for men. It is suit shirt and tie not bow tie.

What is a Black-tie event?

An event that requires formal attire. A tuxedo or black suit and tie for men and formal or cocktail dress for women

What does cocktail attire refer to?

Its basically Since the name for this style can be misconstrued and confused with casual wear, it is often called business attire or western business. The most common way in which a man can dress in informal attire is by wearing a two-piece suit.Similarly, women may wear a light or dark colored dress, suit, or dressy separates, though this would be verging on "business attire," which is slightly more casual; the nature of the event and the list of people attending may further help in deciding.

What is cosmopolitan attire?

Sophisticated and polished...not quite "cocktail-fancy"

What is after five attire for women?

cocktail dress for women. Suit with or without tie.

What is Frances attire for men and women?

Frances attire for men and women is nice romantic things!!!!!! L.O.L IDK

Where can you buy a plus size evening dress in California?

Nordstrom, with many locations including California, is a great place to find dresses for any occassion. They have dresses ranging from eving wear, to weddings, to cocktail attire. And, sizes range from junior to plus size depending on the style.