What is Erroneous data?

Updated: 11/6/2022
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Erroneous means something that is incorrect or wrong. Therefore Erroneous Data is essentially Incorrect Data.

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Q: What is Erroneous data?
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Can a computer display an incorrect results?

Absolutely - if it's given erroneous data to work with !

When erroneous data are detected by computer program controls the error report should be reviewed and followed up by whom?

data control group

What is the Definition of erroneous?

Erroneous means "incorrect".

What is the prefix of erroneous?

The prefix of "erroneous" is "er."

Can you give example erroneous in sentence?

My first response was, in fact, erroneous. Your reckless postulation is erroneous to the extreme.

When was Your Erroneous Zones created?

Your Erroneous Zones was created in 1976.

Sentence for erroneous?

Their erroneous methodology failed to solve the issue.

What is the ISBN of Your Erroneous Zones?

The ISBN of Your Erroneous Zones is 0308102282.

What are adjusting entries and why they made?

Adjusting entries are made to rectify any previous erroneous entry or adjust any data in previously record transactions.

How would you use the word erroneous in a sentence?

It means mistaken. Here are some sentences.That is an erroneous decision.I can't believe you could make such an erroneous statement.She holds a lot of erroneous beliefs.

How do you use the word 'erroneous' in a sentence?

The erroneous merchandise could not be sold in the store because of its faults! OR Her testimony was filled with erroneous information.

Has Garmin GPS released an update to correct the erroneous data uploaded into their system last year?

Garmin, the leading GPS manufacturer, has corrected the data errors that entered their system last year. The updates can be downloaded from their website for free.