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5*(3+x)=15+5x Fifteen plus five times that number

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Q: What is Five times the sum of three and some number?
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What is five more than three times some number in algebraic expression?


Five times the sum of three and twice some number is seventy what is the number?

The number is 5.5. Algebraically, this problem is: 5(2x + 3) = 70 10x + 15 = 70 10x = 55 x = 55/10 = 5.5

How do you write five times some number is less than 65?

5n < 65

What is Five less than 3 times some number?


What is five times the sum of 6 and some number?

5 x (6 + n)

What is three times some number plus eleven?

3x + 11

What is Twice the sum of 4 and three times some number is 34?

2*4 + 3*x = 34

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