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forty-seven sixteenths (47/16)

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Q: What is Half of 5 and seven eighths?
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Is seven eighths equal to one half?

No one-half equals four-eighths so that means seven-eighths is greater than one-half(four eighths)

Is fourteen sixteenth half of seven eighths?

Fourteen sixteenths are equivalent to seven eighths.

23 and a half minus seven and five eighths?

23 and a half minus seven and five eighths equals 15.875

What is seven eighths subtract one half?

three eighths

What is 1 half plus 5 eighths?

One half + five eighths = nine eighths

What is one and a half plus three eighths?

one and seven eighths

What is 1fourth plus 5 eighths?

The answer is seven eighths

What is one and a half minus five eighths of an inch?

Answer = seven eighths of an inch.

What is four and three eighths plus four and a half?

Eight and seven eighths.

What half of seven eighths?

seven sixteenths 7/16

One half of seven eighths of a cup?

seven sixteenths

What is seven eighths times one half?

seven sixteenths

Is seven eighths more than one half and less than three quarters?

No. Seven eighths is more than one half AND three quarters.

What is five eighths divided by seven eighths?


What is one and three eighths minus one and seven eighths?

It is one negative half.

How many 8 eighths are in 5 sixteenths?

Two and a half eighths.

What is 5 eighths add 1 quarter?


Is seven and a half greater or less than twelve and seven ninths minus 5 and three eighths?

7 1/2 is greater

What is seven eighths plus one and one half?

5/14 = 2 3/8 = 19/8

One and one half minus five eights?

1½ = Twelve eighths so the answer is seven-eighths

What does three and half minus seven eighths?

28/8 - 7/8 = 21/8 = 2 and 5/8

Is 7 eighths greater than 5 tenths?

Yes, seven eighths is greater than five tenths. Five tenths, or one half, expressed in eighths would be four eighths. Since seven is greater than four, seven eighths is greater than four eighths (or five tenths). One easy way to know is use a calculator and do the division (seven divided by eight, and five divided by ten); in decimal form the higher value may be more quickly apparent when compared.

What is half of 138 and 5 eighths?

69 and 5 sixteenths.

How do you calculate the half life of cesium 135 if seven eighths of a sample decays in 6106 years?

the half-life of cesium-135 if seven-eighths of a sample decays in 6*10^6 years.

How many eighths are there in three and seven eighths?

how many eighths are in tree and seven eighths

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