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It is regression. Galton coined the term in the course of his study on the heights of parents and their children. His conclusion was that tall parents tended to have tall children and short parents had short children, but that the children's height regressed towards the mean height for the population.

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Q: What is In a population a shift in the average population phenotype toward the mean and away from the physical extremes This process lowers phenotypic variety the population is more homogeneous?
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That would be disruptive selection.

What does stabilizing selection do?

The average, distributed normally, trait in phenotype of a population is selected for. Take height in humans as an example. We have variation there, but there are too few ten foot humans and too few 2 foot hymans in the human population because natural selection in it's stabilizing form makes such height extremes reproductively unsuccessful in all earth's immediate environments.

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Directional selection: favors the phenotype at one extreme of a trait's range, selecting against the opposite extreme.Stabilizing selection: favors the intermediate phenotype, selecting against the phenotypes at both extremes of the trait's range.Disruptive selection: favors phenotypes at both extremes, selecting against the intermediate phenotype of the trait's range.

Does stabilizing selection favors average individuals?

Yes, because the two extremes of the phenotype distribution are selected against. Consider human height as an example of this type of selection and think of a normally distributed Bell curve.

What 3 types of Selection pressures that affect a population structure?

The 3 types of selection pressure on a population: 1) "Stabilizing selection" = intermediate phenotypes are favored and extremes on both ends are eliminated. 2)"Directional selection" = is a mode of natural selection in which a single phenotype is favored, causing the allele frequency to continuously shift in one direction. 3) "Disruptive selection/ Diversifying selection" = describes changes in population genetics in which extreme values for a trait are favored over intermediate values

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