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Q: What is MICR line and where can it be found on what type of payment instrument?
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An instrument use to construct a straight line?

an instrument use to construct straight line?

Can you make a payment on line for life insurance?

Payment of life insurance premia is allowed on line, along with payment over counter whether payment by cash or cheque.

Which device is used to read cheques?

Many devices may scan the MICR line for various reasons. Before a check is negotiated at the bank the teller may run the check through a PPS machine to gauge the account validity. While, later on, it may be ran through a MICR line scanner which will tell if the MICR line is legitimate or has been altered for forged. Most likely of all, it will be scanned by a Image Capture machine and then be sent to the drawee bank for collection; made possible by the Check Processing for the 21st Century Act of 2003 (USA).



What type of instrument is the Tonika?

The Tonika is a musical instrument in the brass woodwind line of instrument. The Tonika is also a very common type of instrument in the musical field.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of MICR?

Advantage: Ease of Readability and High SecurityThe use of iron oxide-based ink ensures MICR characters are readable even if a document is obscured by miscellaneous marks or overprinted. MICR systems provide a high level of security since MICR characters are required to follow a stringent format and use precise iron oxide ink, which makes the documents difficult to forge.Advantage: Small Deciphering Error RateThe error rate for reading MICR characters is small as compared to other character recognition systems. MICR scanners precisely and accurately decipher the characters, provided they follow standards set out by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the American Bankers Association (ABA). For example, there is typically only one read error for every 20,000 to 30,000 checks processed by a MICR scanner.Sponsored LinksAccurate OCR SDK Powerful Royalty Free OCR toolkit. Easy integration, C#/VB.NET/C++www.nicomsoft.comDisadvantage: Time Consuming StandardsThe printing of MICR is demanding, setting precise but difficult-to-achieve standards, which is a distinct disadvantage in terms of time consumption. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) implements and manages all MICR printing standards. It sets precise requirements for MICR character fonts, MICR registration, paper-moisture content and grain and toner adhesion. All MICR character fonts must meet ANSI requirements. Standard X9.27-1995 lays down font standards while ANSI standard X9.7-1990 specifies line positioning of MICR characters. Additionally, the two published standards currently used for MICR include the American Bankers Association (ABA) standards 092200 and ABA 092700, which stipulate how and where the MICR characters are printed on the check. ABA 092200 specifies the printing requirements for MICR and ABA 092700 stipulates printing locations and placement. MICR fonts that do not adhere to these standards will lead to rejected checks at banks and processing errors at other institutions.Disadvantage: Expensive EquipmentMICR readers are expensive and capable of recognizing only MICR fonts written in a specific format. MICR printers run on cartridges that cost far more than plain ink toner cartridges. As of March 2010, a single HP 05A MICR toner cartridge costs $110 and an HP 42X MICR toner cartridge costs $248, as opposed to the price of a single HP 60XL inkjet toner cartridge that costs $ SHUBHAM DAHIYA

Who is the last in line for payment of profits in business?


What is the micr code in banking?

MICR is Magnetic Ink Character Recognition.You can see some NUMBERs which were printed on bottom line of each cheque with a uniform design in there each number will have some ink mark in it . These number will be read in the Machine called Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Machine which will authenticate the genuine of the Cheque.There by this machine will identify the duplicate Cheque with the help of that ink printed in the cheque leaf.Further each bank branch will have its unique identity with MICR code also

What an instrument used to construct straight line?

a pencil

What are facilities provided by modern banks?

checking balance on line ticketing on-line shopping on-line bill payment

If I make an IRS payment online, what forms of payment doe they accept?

Yes, you may make your IRS payments on line using your credit or debit cards...information can be found on the following Money Tax Planning: U.S. Tax Debts

What is an instrument with one line of symmetry?

a circle is made with one line of symmetry drum tambourine