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1 x 7 = 7
1/2 x 7 = 3.5
Total: 10.5
ten and a half hours

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Q: What is One an half hours times 7?
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What fraction of a day is 7 and one half hours?

7 and one half hours = 15 half hours. There are 24 hours in a day, so there are 48 half hours in a day. Therefore the answer is 15/48, which can then be reduced to 5/16.

How many hours are in 7 and a half hours?

There are 7 full hours in 7 and a half hours.

How do you write seven and a half hours?

7 Hours, 30 minutes. 7 1/2 hours. Top one?

What is the answer to 7 times one Half?


hours of half week?

Hours in a week calculation One week has 7 days and one day has 24 hours: 1 week = 7 days/week = (7 days/week) ร— (24 hours/day) = 168 hours/week ==>168/2= 84 (hours)

How many hours is in one thirty pm to eight pm?

7 and a half hours

7 dollars per hour for 40 work hours how much will pay be if overtime is one half times normal pay rate if worked 45 hours a week?

how much be 7 dollars a hour for one week answer please

How many days half a week?

since there are seven days in one week there cannot be an integer number to the days in half of a week, however one half of a week would be 3.5 days. True story.

What is one half of a tiff?

In the LA Times of July 7, 2010, one half of a tiff is 'he said.'

Does the wheel of monotony ever stop spinning?

yes it stop at the times i am going to type it can take 2 minutes,5 minutes,an hour,1 hour,an hour and a half,2 hours,2 hours and a half,3 hours,3 hours and a half,4 hours,4 hours and a half,5 hours,5 hours and a half,6 hours, 6 hours and a half,7 hours and 7 hours and a half. and it can take all night i am righting this and is about to stop. i want the pet pet paint brush,neopoints or the paint brush. plus plz add me as your friend if can. I'm: rachieree102

15 Times 1 and a half?

7 and a half

What is six sevenths times nine eightenths?

nine eighteenths is one half. Half of 6/7 must be 3/7

What is nagative 14 times one half?

-14*0.5 = -7

How long seroquel stay in your body?

Seroquel has a half life of 7 hours, which means in 7 hours, half of what you ingested is gone. It continues decreasing in the body by half. So half of 7 is 3.5, half of that is 1.25. So It's roughly in your system for 12 hours.

What is 2 and a half kg times 7?

2 and a half = 2.5 2.5 times 7 is 17.5 2.5 Kg times 7 = 17.5 Kg

What is 5 times 7 and one half?

5 x 7.5 = 37.5

How long does it take Tampa to Pensacola driving?

7 hoursactually 7 and a half hours

What is 7.50 on a timesheet?

7 and a half hours

What is half times four times seven?

2 times 7 is 14,because half of 4 is 2 and you times 2 and 7 which equals to 14

How many hours is 630 am to 2 pm?

7 and a half hours

How many half hours are in 3 hours and 30 minutes?

7 of them are.

What is one half times 14 times 16?

½ × 14 × 16 = (½ × 14) × 16 = 7 × 16 = 112.

What is 7 plus one half?

7 and a half.

How many hours does it take to drive to Burlington VT from Buffalo NY?

It takes about 7 and one half hours to make that trip in a car.

What is the distance between Pensacola Florida and Orlando Florida?

7 and one half hours 430 miles