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1/20 of 20 = 1

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Q: What is One twentieth of twenty?
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How do you spell 20ths?

It is spelled twentieth. (from the number name twenty, 20)

What does le vingt mean?

The twenty/twentieth.

What is one times ten to the twentieth power?

One times ten to the twentieth power is written as: 100 x 1020 or as 1021 This is a one (1) followed by 21 (twenty-one) zeroes or 1, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000

Handel's Messiah will continue to be as popular in twenty-first century as it was in the twentieth?

Do you think Handel's Messiah will continue to be as popular in the twenty-first century as it was in the twentieth? Explain your answer.

How do you spell 20 in word in English?

There's no such thing. Only 21st. Which is spelled as "Twenty First".

What is one twenty in percent?

120 in percent is 12,000%. 1/20 (one twentieth) is 5%. whichever one you meant, I'm a seventh grader and i can do these. have a nice day!

What is twenty four twentieth simplified?

6/5 or 1 and 1/5

How to write 20Th in words?

Twentieth."A twentieth" / "one twentieth" or "the twentieth" (depending on the context).The plural is twentieths.

How do you spell the number 20?

The cardinal number 20 is spelled "twenty". The ordinal is "twentieth".

How do you say twentieth in Hebrew?

Esrim (עשרים) means twenty. Depending on context, it also means 20th: Ha-esrim means "the twentieth". For example, "ha-yalda ha-esrim" would be "the twentieth girl".

If a man draw half a liter oil from a twenty liter drum which is exactly half full what percentage of the content of the drum does he draw?

5%=one twentieth

What changes in technology have affected the world in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries?