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Q: What is Punctate foci t2 hyperintensity?
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What is Two punctate foci of T2 hyperintensity in the subcortical white matter of the lateral anterior left frontal lobe?

Can hyponatremia cause white matter suggestive of minimal chronic microvascular ischemic change. The grey-white differentiation is maintained. minimal chronic microvascular ischemic on a brain scan?

What does it mean the brain parenchyma shows periventricular T2 hyperintensity and a few scattered subcortical foci of increased T2 and flair signal intensity in the frontal lobes that are nonspecifi?

what does this mean? Impression: There are scattered foci of T2/FLAIR hyperintensity within the periventricular, deep and subcortical white matter. The findings are nonspecific but may be seen in mild to moderate small vessel ischemic changes. No evidence for acute infarct or hemorrhage.

What are punctate foci?

Punctate foci are 'lesions' on the brain, typically caused by unknown trauma to the brain or conditions where demyelination of brain tissue occurs. Punctate foci are identified by brain MRI, with and without contrast although using contrast normally provides a more accurate picture of all lesions. In layman's terms, punctate foci have also been described as 'popcorn calcifications' in the brain tissue. Some punctate foci are associated with normal aging process.

What is a T2 hyperintense foci?

Type your answer here... it is a T2 hyperintense foci

What does T2 and Flair hyperintensities mean in a MRI scan?

T2 FLAIR Hyperintensity is when hyperintensity is seen via FLAIR (Fluid Attenuated Inversion Recovery) during the T2, or spin-spin, relaxation cycle. This process helps nullify natural fluid signals in the body to find plaques and lesions in the brain. Hyperintensity describes areas of high intensity in the brain during an MRI.

Why is T2 matter white in the brain?

T2 is seen as a foci of white spots on MRIs of the brain. They are associated with a number of disorders: normal aging, MS, etc.

What is T2 Hyperintensity in an elbow joint?

T2 hyperintesities is a medical term used to describe high intensity areas viewed on an MRI image. In the elbow, it basically means that there is reduced blood flow to that area of the body.

What if your MRI scanned frontal and parietal white matter T2 hyperintensities what does this mean?

my husband has t2 intense foci in the subcortical white matter in the frontal and parietal reigon these are compatible with foci of chronic ischaemic change the finding is related to small vessel disease his mood swings are getting worse would this disease be a part of mood swings.

What does this mean Scatterd foci of T2 FLAIR signal hyperintensity in the periventricular deep and subcortical white matter?

The above includes what was the first line written under "impressions" on my radiology report related to an MRI done w/o and with Contrast which I was given recently. I'm going to see my neurologist today, but can tell you what I know now. The doctors I've spoken with so far expressed concern, then some calming words such as, "the report wasn't conclusive," as the radiologist had included a number of possible reasons for the results. However, I've since read the fact I had an MRI six years ago during which this foci was not present, this presents a problem. The fact the foci is in the periventricular area typically suggests a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. However, my neurologist ask to look at the films himself, to confirm this foci or lesion, is new. If it is indeed a new lesion, this signifies a diagnosis of either Multiple Sclerosis or another demyelinating disease. (Note: I had a "small foci" of "abnormal T2 Flair" rather than being scattered. )

What is mild diffuse cerebral and cerebellum volume loss and T2 hyperintesnity within the periventricular white matter?

Mild diffuse cerebral and cerebellum volume loss and T2 hyperintensity within the periventricular white matter refers to a stroke. This can cause a slight decrease in the white matter of the brain.

What is T2 hyperintense mass involving the brainstem in a child?

A T2 weighted image, on a MRI, is not diagnostic, in and of itself. T2 hyperintensity could represent tumor, infarction, hemorrhage, or trauma, for instance. In the context of the clinical picture, the MRI is extremely helpful. If there has been no trauma, then the location and appearance of the T2 hyperintensity can point to a vascular cause versus a space-occupying lesion. The clinical course of the patient will cinch the diagnosis, when combined with the MRI findings - in cases such as these. In the case of a mass in the brainstem of a child, the most common cause would be that of a brainstem glioma. These account for anywhere between 10-20% of all brain tumors in children. However, this is not the only possibility (see above).

What is punctate distribution in regard to sense organs?

in regard to sense organs, what is punctate distribution?