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The quotient is 9n + 7

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Q: What is The quotient of nine times n plus 7?
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What is the quotient of nine times a number and seven?

9n/7 I think. I had the same question.

Which of the following expressions represents the quotient of nine times a number and seven?

9(n +7)

What is the number that when divided by 9 the quotient is 6 and the remainder is 7?

To find the number, multiply the divisor and quotient, then add the remainder. 9 (divisor) times 6 is 54. 54 plus 7 is 61. The number is 61.

Does 7 plus 6 equals 13 contain a quotient?

No - a quotient is the answer to a division sum, not the answer to an addition sum.

What part of the expressions represents a quotient of two terms 3(4d - 8) plus (7 - d ) divided by 5?

A quotient is the result of division. (7 - d)/5 will lead to a quotient.

What is estimate quotient for 23.6 divided by 7?


What is the quotient and remainder of 25 divided by nine?

25 divided by 9 is 2 with remainder 7

What is the quotient of 1 sixth and 4 seventh?

The quotient is how many times 1/6 will contain 4/7 or 1/6 divided by 4/7 or 1/6 times 7/4 = 7/24. Netflyer

What is the quotient and remainder of 4x4 -x3 plus 17x2 plus 11x plus 4 when divided by 4x plus 3?

Dividend: 4x^4 -x^2 +17x^2 +11x +4 Divisor: 4x +3 Quotient: x^3 -x^2 +5x -1 Remainder: 7

When you divide a number by 8 we get a quotient of 7 and remainder is then the number is?

8*7 = 56, plus the remainder.

What is 7 more than the quotient of a number y and 5?

The expression is: y/5 plus 7

What does 7 plus 7 plus 7 plus 7 plus 7 plus 7 plus 7 equal?

7 Times 7 Equals7 plus 7 plus7 plus7 plus7 plus7 plus 7, or 7 times 7, equals 49.