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tropology is enterconnection with the computer

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Q: What is Topology Explain various types of topologies in computer?
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Which network topology uses a backbone?

Even the smallest LAN technically has a backbone, which could be any of the 4 basic topology types. Any time you need to connect various routers, switches, etc., together you connect them via a backbone cable. A backbone may have its own topology as well,such as a serial bus, parallel, distributed, or collapsed backbone. These topologies do not exactly mirror topologies for a LAN or a WAN.

What is network topology about?

Network topology is the arrangement of the various components that make up the structure of a computer network. Network topology may be depicted in a physical or logical manner.

What are the various topology of WAN and what is the drawback in BUS topology?

there are a few different topologies when you are talking about WAN's but remember WAN's topologies are different than LAN's because of the area they cover. But there are bus wan, ring wan, star wan, full mesh wan, partial mesh wan, and tiered wan. as far as a drawback to bus topology is that each site in the wan bus topolgy depends on every other site in the network to transmit and receive its traffic.

what is Network about?

Network topology is the arrangement of the various components that make up the structure of a computer network. Network topology may be depicted in a physical or logical manner.

What is the term network topology mean?

The term network topology is the arrangement of the various elements of a computer network. This includes links and nodes. It is essentially the whole structure of the network.

Explain the importance of various units of computer?

The various units of computer helps us understand the computer in detail.

What is a network topology?

It is some form of description of the arrangement of the various elements (links, nodes, etc.) of a computer network.

How many computers can be connected on various network topologies?

I found and linked below a website that has information on many, but not all, network topologies.

Which layer of the OSI model that performs data compression?

A network consists of multiple computers communicating with one another over a shared network medium. Topology refers to the shape of a network, or the network's layout. In this unit, you have learnt about the various topologies and its structure. The OSI model is a seven-layer model for communications and computer network protocol design. In this unit, you have learnt about the OSI model and the functions of the various layers.

Why would you use a hybrid topology?

Reliable because a hybrid topology can diagnose and isolate faults efficiently. A network fault (such as a faulty node or a break in a network cable) will not affect the performance of the rest of the network. A hybrid network quickly scans all nodes and hardware points to detect where a fault lies, isolates it, and carries out further diagnostic tests. The rest of the network remains fully functional while this fault isolation and diagnosis is carried out. Flexible because I combine various configurations to bring about most optimal conditions to suit network traffic, processing loads and data latency. Hybrid networks can be expanded easily to add new systems and nodes. Each concentration point (or the point which a network connection is made) is designed to hold extra lobes. Additional network hardware peripherals can be attached to these lobes in order to increase capacity.A hybrid topology is able to tap into the strengths of other topologies and ignore their weaknesses. This results in a complex network that is more efficient and effective than individual topologies. It combines the optimal features of its combined topologies. For instance, a star-wired ring topology combines the features of a star topology with those of a ring topology. This hybrid topology combines the fault tolerance capability of the star topology with the data reliability of the ring topology. A star-wired bus topology combines the features of a star topology with a linear bus topology. It combines the network extension features of the bus topology with the simplicity and fault tolerance of the star topology.

What is the difference between Ring Bus and Star network topologies?

The differentiation can be done in points as follows :The star topology consists of a central node to which all other nodes are connected by a single path.The bus topology consists of a single length of the transmission medium (normally coaxial cable) onto which the various nodes are attached.In the case of the ring topology, each node is connected to two and only two neighbouring nodes.

Can you define protocol?

explain the various factor to bee considered when measuring the performance of a HDD in a computer

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