What is UTM 50 in WGS84?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: What is UTM 50 in WGS84?
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What is the longitude and latitude of Bulgaria?

Wgs84 43° 0′ 0″ n, 25° 0′ 0″ e 43, 25 utm 35t 336981 4762756

What is the datum of Norway?

Datum in the context of a country (Norway) normally refers to a geodetic coordinate system. In Norway, the following coordinate systems are used: WGS84 Lat/Long - worldwide datum WGS84 UTM - UTM worldwide datum. Norway occupies 5 UTM zones, from 32-36, so it is very important to specify which zone your coordinates lie. NGO1948 - a Norwegian-only topographic datum divided into 8 zones, similar to UTM. EUREF89 - a European specific datum recommended for all European countries, and currently the official datum of Norway. Reference:

What is the absolute location of Adelaide?

Adelaide Coordinates UTM : TN46 Geographical coordinates in decimal degrees ( WGS84) Latitude : 25.000. Longitude : -77.517.

What is the utm zone of arunachal pradesh?

The UTM zone of Arunachal pradesh is WGS 1984 UTM Zone 4

What are the UTM coordinates of Nowa Świdziałówka?

The UTM coordinates are: 34U 688072 5902088

When was FC Academia UTM created?

FC Academia UTM was created in 2006.

Which zone Pakistan belong in utm coordinate?

UTM zone 42 & 43

What is the datum of India?

Wgs84 (everest)

In utm cordinate zone of India haryana belong which zone?

UTM Zone 43

In utm coordinate zone India belongs to which zone?

In India there are 6 UTM zones 42,43,44,45,46,47

What is the UTM Zone of Rio de Janeiro Brazil?

Any place can be mapped in any UTM coordinate system, but UTM Zone 23 South provides the least distortion when mapping Rio de Janiero.

In which UTM zone is Casper Wyoming?

Casper, Wyoming is located in UTM Zone 13. Please refer to USGS Quad: Casper, WY.