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{( x,y) , y=x+5; x= 2,4,6, or 8} find the range 2+5=7 4+5=9 6+5=11 8+5=13 the range is {7,9,11,13}

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Q: What is a 'range' in mathematics?
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In mathematics what is the range?

The range is where you subtract the highest to the lowest number in data.

What is the meaning of range in mathematics?

Limits of data

Define range in mathematics?

The range is the maximum value in a given data minus its minimum value

What is the define of range math?

Range, in mathematics, is the difference between the largest and smallest numbers in a given set.

What is range in mathematics?

you take the smallest number away from the largest

When do you use range?

You use range in mathematics. The range of a set of data is the difference between the highest and lowest values in the set.

What does range mean in maths?

In mathematics, the range is the difference between the highest and lowest numbers in a set of data.

What does range mean as in mathematics?

The difference between the highest and lowest number in the set

What if math never existed?

It would be hard for the anything to exist without mathematics. Mathematics is involved in a wide range of areas that make the universe and all we know what they are.

What does range mean in mathematics?

it means to subtract all of the numbers and the sum of the numbers is the range (subtract the smallest number from the biggest number)

Math what is the range of the dataset?

The range of a data set refers to the largest and smallest values of a data set. Archimedes is often called the father of mathematics.

What is the meaning of the word range in mathematics?

Range in Mathematics is simply the Output values the equation gives. For exampley=sqrt(x)Range for this equation is the resulting possible values of y. Since the square root of negative numbers in un-defined therefore the Range of x is all Positive Real Numbers.

What is range mean in mathematical terms?

Range is the difference between the high and low numbers in statistical mathematics. In coordinate mathematics it is the dependent or y of a (x,y) coordinate. * * * * * The range, in algebra, refers to the set of values that a function can take. Formally, it is the co-domain but few people (including mathematicians) use that term.

What means range in mathematics?

The difference between the highest and lowest numbers:eg. The range between 5 and 15 is The range between 125, 150 and 175 is 150. (175-125)

How are fractions and decimals used in engineering?

Fractions and decimals are a major part of mathematics, and mathematics is a major part of engineering. They are used for a huge range of things involved in calculations for almost every part of an engineer's job.

What does mean and range mean in mathematics?

I only know what mean is, so mean is the same thing to the average. * * * * * Range is the difference between the maximum value and the minimum value. Range = Maximum - Minimum.

What is the difference between airthmetic and mathematics?

Well first of all it is arithmetic and secondly there is no difference arithmetic is just a cognitive word that was used in the olden days as simple addition and subtraction etc. but if you really want to compare the two, mathematics consists of a MUCH wider range than arithmetic so its safe to say arithmetic is mathematics but mathematics is not arithmetic MIND BLOWN.

What does the range mean in mathematics?

In any given set, the range is the smallest number subtracted from the largest number. Ex. (10, 17, 20, 45, 68) 68 - 10 = 58 The range is 58.

What is the function of relation domain and range in mathematics?

A relation is a mapping from elements of one set, called the domain, to elements of another set, called the range. The function of the three terms: relation, domain and range, is to define the parameters of a mapping which may or may not be a function.

What is domain in mathematics?

domain = x-values range = y-values for which x or y is a solution

What is the range of the independent variable?

The question is meaningless and I have a PhD in mathematics. The answer just depends on the problem that you have in front of you. There is no one answer that will catch you out of your misery forever.

Mathematics what is a range?

{(x,y),y= x+5; x= 2,4,6,or 8} find the range? y= x+5 =2+5=7 =4+5=9 =6+5=11 =8+5=13 so the range is {9,7,11,13}

What concern was incorporated into western art during the renaissance?

mathematics and science

In mathematics how do you work out the range?

The Range is the distance on the number line that the smallest number is from the biggest number, in sbsolute value. Basically, to find it using math, you would subtract the smallest number in the series of numbers from the largest number in the same series.

What does mathematics have to do with math?

mathematics is math math is short for mathematics