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That is the normal electric outlet found on the walls of your home in the USA

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Q: What is a 110-127 vac outlet?
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Can you plug a 220 volt into a 120 outlet?

No, you cannot plug a 220 vac appliance into a 120 vac outlet: the plug and receptacle shapes are not the same. If you could plug a 220 vac device into a 120 vac outlet, it could seriously heat up the device or otherwise result in failure.

Can you charge an electric shaver that uses a 3.8 VAC cord with a 7.5 VAC cord?

No, with electrical equipment the voltage has to match the supply voltage.

Can I plug in 220 volts equipment into 208 volt outlet?

It depends on the equipment. The nameplate of the appliance should have the appropriate voltage tolerances and frequency requirement. In North America, most appliances will be designed for 60 Hz use. Higher voltage residential appliances are typically rated at 230 VAC. The typical household voltage supplied by the utility is between 220 - 250 VAC (between phase), and 110 - 125 VAC (phase to ground) . In commercial and multi-family units, it is very common to have 120/208 VAC instead (beyond the scope of this question). Therefore, most ranges, water heaters, air conditioners, heaters, and dryers are designed to operate at 208 VAC as well. You should read the nameplate of the appliance, read the owners manual, and / or consult a licensed electrician if you are still unsure. C. P., Master Electrician

What is the function of socket outlet?

funtion of outlet socket

What to do if your child puts their finger in an outlet?

The child must have got electrocuted if the outlet switch was on. As a precaution, keep such outlet covered so that the child can not insert the finger into the outlet.

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