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A bike with 24 inch wheels.

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2012-07-15 18:17:36
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Q: What is a 24 inch bike?
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What is the best price you can get on a Shwin 24 inch bike?

The best price you can get for a 24 inch Schwinn bike is $202.43.

How do you work the gears on a bike with 24 inch wheels?

Depends more on what type of gears that you have than it does on the size of the wheels. If the gear levers are the same type as on a bigger bike the 24 inch bike will shift just the same way.

How much does a bike peddle for a bike with a 24 inch wheel?

Something missing from the question, try again.

How tall should you be to ride a 24 inch bike?

About 4'8-5'1.

Pacific 24 inch womens quicksilver mountain bike?

And the question is....?

Where can one purchase a 24 inch BMX?

One can purchase a 24 inch BMX bike from Amazon and the Bicycle Warehouse website has a buyers guide on choosing the right bike for ones needs. Amazon has a 24 inch BMX Diamondback Nitrus on sale for $299.99 in red with DB sound alloy platform pedals.

What is better 26 inch wheels or 24 inch wheels on a jump bike?

All things being equal, a 24" wheel will be stronger sideways than a 26" wheel.

Which bike should you think of purchasing for an active 9 year old?

The bike that you should think of buying an active 9 year old is a 24-inch wheel bike.

Dirt bike seat height for 24 inseam?

TTR 110 Or a ttr 90 , The ttr 110 has a 26 inch seat while the ttr 90 has a 24 inch seat

Which is better a 20 trials bike or a 24 trials bike?

Neither is better than the other It's simply down to personal preference Some factors to consider are: 20 inch bikes are easier to jump and you can jump higher 24 inch bikes are better for jumping large gaps on, and will often have better brakes than 20 inch bikes (20 inch bikes usually have U brakes while 24 inch bikes have disks)

What is the best 24 inch bike for STREET riding with a price below 400?

24seven slacker SS £399

Would a 24 inch bike be to big for a eleven year old?

It depends on the size of the 11-year old!

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