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A 3D pentagon could be called a pentagonal prism or possibly a dodecahedron!

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Q: What is a 3-D pentagon called?
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Related questions

What is a 3D pentagon called?

A 3D pentagon could be called a pentagon prism or a dodecahedron which is a Platonic solid with 12 pentagonal faces.

What is a 3D pentagon?

a 3D pentagon

WHAT IS A 5 3D sided shape called?


What are the vertices of a 3d pentagon?

The vertex of a 3D pentagon is 10. :)

What is a 12 pentagon faced 3D shape called?


What is the 3D name for a pentagon?

A 3D name for a pentagon is a pentagonal prism.

Is a pentagon 3D?

No, a pentagon is 2-D.

What is a 6 faced 3D shape with 1 pentagon called?

A pentagonal pyramid.

What is a 3d shape called with a pentagon for a base?

It's a Pentagonal Prism or Pyramid.

What do you call a 3D Pentagon?

A pentagon is a 2 dimensional object. The 3 dimensional object, with 12 pentagonal faces, is called a dodecahedron.

Is a 3d pentagon a prism or a pyramin?

3D pentagonal prismPRISM

What are the edges of a 3d pentagon?


What is a pentagon called in 3d?

I'm assuming you mean a 3-d shape with faces of pentagons. This is called a Dodecahedron

What is a 3D pentagon shape called?

There are multiple 3-d pentagon shapes. One such is the Dodecahedron, it has 30 edges and 20 vertices. Another 3-d pentagon shape is the pentagonal prism.

What is the 3d name for a pentagon pyramid?

A hexahedron.

What is the name of a 3d pentagon?

Pentagonal Prism?

What do you call a pentagon when it is 3d?

pentagonal prism

How many edges on a 3d pentagon?


How many bases does a 3d pentagon have?


What is a pentagon in 3d form called?

A 3-d shape made from pentagonal faces is a dodecahedron (12 sides).

Does a cube have more edges than a 3D pentagon?


How many sides and vertices does a 3d pentagon have?


What is the name of a five sided object?

Pentagon 2d shape is a pentagon 3d object is a pyramid.

What is the edge of a 3D pentagon?

An edge of a 3-d pentagon is the intersection of two of its adjacent faces.

What is a 12 with pentagon sided 3d shape called?

A dodecahedron is a 3-d shape with 12 faces that are regular pentagons.