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A 3-D pentagon

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Q: What is a 3 dimensional pentagon called?
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What is the name for a 3 dimensional pentagon?

The regular dodecahedron is the 3-dimensional analog of a regular pentagon. In other words, it is a three-dimensional pentagon.

How many edges does a 3 dimensional pentagon have?

A 3 dimensional pentagon has 15 edges

What do you call a 3D Pentagon?

A pentagon is a 2 dimensional object. The 3 dimensional object, with 12 pentagonal faces, is called a dodecahedron.

Is a pentagon 3 dimensional?


What is the 3 dimensional shape called that has a pentagon top and bottom?

Its a pentagonal prism.

What is a three dimensional pentagon called?


How many faces does a 3-dimensional pentagon have?


What figures has a pentagon as its base?

There are infinitely many 3-dimensional shapes with a pentagon as its base.

How many sides does a three dimensional penagon have?

Assuming you mean a pentagon - not penagon, a 3-dimensional pentagon is a dodecahedron which has 12 faces.

Is every rhombus a pentagon?

Easy answer: no. A rhombus is a 3 dimensional shapebased on a parallelogram which has 4 sides. A pentagon is a 2 dimensional shape with 5 sides.

A hexagon pentagon and octagon have many sides what are they called?

A 2-dimensional shape of many sides, such as hexagon, pentagon, and octagone, is called a polygon

Which shape have 5 verticies?

Pentagon. Or if you're going 3-dimensional, then a pyramid.

What is the base for a pentagon?

a pentagon is a 2 dimensional figure. It does not have a base.

What is the three dimensional shape called that has a pentagon on bottom and the rest triangles?

pentagonal triangle

What a 5 sided shape called?

A five-sided 2-dimensional shape is a pentagon.

Is a pentagon two dimensional?


What is a five sided shapes name?

A five sided 2 dimensional object is called a pentagon.

Name of 5 sided shape?

A 5-sided 2-dimensional figure is a pentagon and a 5-sided 3-dimensional shape is a pentahedron.

Does a pentagon have a two dimensional shape?


What is a 3-D pentagon called?

A 3D pentagon could be called a pentagonal prism or possibly a dodecahedron!

3 dimensional geometric shape with 2 pentagon faces and 5 rectangular faces?

10 vertices

What is the name given to a five sided shape?

Two-dimensional: Pentagon Three-dimensional: Pentahedron

What are all the 3 dimensional shapes called?

The three dimensional figures are called Space figures

How many pentagons form a sphere?

None normally because a pentagon is 2 dimensional 5 sided shape whereas a sphere is a 3 dimensional globular shape.

Does a pentagon have an altitude?

A pentagon is a 2 dimensional shape. It typically rests in the x-y plane, however, if it were transposed into the x-z or y-z plane, it could be said to have an altitude. Altitude is normally reserved for 3 dimensional shapes such as the pentoid.