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that is a rectangle

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Q: What is a 4 side polygonwith 2 opposite long sides equal and parallel and 2 opposite short sides equal and parallel each angle90degrees the diagonals are equal?
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Related questions

Which quadrilateral has opposite sides parallel but diagonals are not congruent?


What quadrilaterals sides that are parallel to its opposite side and diagonals that are not perpendicular?

A parallelogram.

What is a quadrilateral with equal diagonals and opposite sides parallel?

A square or a rectangle

What has four sides and its opposite sides are parallel and the diagonals are not equal?

A parallelogram.

If the diagonals of a quadrilateral bisect each other then what quadrilateral must be a parallelogram?


What quadrilateral is parallel to its opposite side and the diagonals are not perpendicular?

Parallelogram and rectangle apex

What shape has each side parallel to its opposite side and the diagonals are not perpendicular?

A rectangle

In a given quadrilateral each side is parallel to its opposite side and the diagonals are not perpindicular?

False maybe

What are 4 different types of quadrilateralas?

There are: Squares, which have all four sides parallel and congruent, all four angles are right and congruent, the diagonals bisect each other and are congruent. Trapezoids, which have two of their sides parallel Rhombus, which have all sides congruent, diagonals bisect, and opposite angles are congruent Parallelograms, which have opposite sides congruent and parallel, diagonals bisect Rectangle, which is a square but one pair of opposite sides aren't congruent.

What is A quadrilateral with opposite sides equal and parallel opposite angles equal and its diagonals are not equal?


What are the pr operties of a rectangle?

Four right angles; opposite sides are parallel; opposite sides are congruent; diagonals are congruent.

In a given quadrilateral each side is parallel to its opposite side and the diagonals are not perpendicular. what could it be?

Parallelogram and a rectangle

In a given quadrilateral each side is parallel to its opposite side and the diagonals are not perpendicular What could it be?

Parallelogram and a rectangle

Does a rhombus have parallel sides and equal diagonals?

Opposite sides are equal and parallel but diagonals are only equal in certain specific circumstances eg when all angles are equal, which makes it a square rather than a rhombus.

Do all parallelograms have diagonals which bisect?

Yes; all parallelograms have diagonals that bisect each other. Other properties of parallelograms are: * The opposite sides are congruent. * The opposite sides are parallel. * The opposite angles are congruent.

Are diagonals in a rhombus lines of symmetry?

There are no lines of symmetry; However, the lines opposite are parallel to each other

What is a two dimensional shape whose diagonals are equal in length?

Two pairs of touching sides are the same length. The diagonals meet at right angles. Opposite sides are not parallel.

What is the main reason a squares diagonals bisect each other?

The opposite sides of a square are parallel and of equal length. Therefore the opposite triangles that the diagonals make are congruent and, as a result, they bisect on another. This is also the reason that they do so in all parallelograms.

What bisects each other to make a quadlilateral a parallelogram?

It's diagonals, and opposite sides must be parallel and congruent.

What are facts about parallelograms?

Opposite sides are congruent Opposite sides are parallel Opposite angles are equal Consecutive angles are supplementary Diagonals bisect each other Diagonals form 2 equal triangles

What shape has diagonals that are perpendicular?

The diagonals of a rhombus are perpendicular. A rhombus is a special kind of parallelogram. It has the characteristics of a parallelogram (both pairs of opposite sides parallel, opposite sides are congruent, opposite angles are congruent, diagonals bisect each other.) It also has special characteristics. It has four congruent sides. So it looks like a lopsided or squished square. Its diagonals are perpendicular. Another property: each diagonal bisects two angles of the rhombus.

What shape has 2 touching sides of the same length and diagonals meet at right angles and opposite sides are not parallel?


What is the characteristics of a rhombus?

-- four equal sides -- opposite sides are parallel -- opposite angles are congruent -- diagonals are perpendicular

What shape has 2 congruent diagonals that do not bisect?

A trapezoid Trapezoid - 2 congruent diagonals that do not bisect each other. No right angles and has 1 pair of opposite parallel sides.

What properties does a rectangle have?

Two sets of parallel sides. Four right angles. Opposite sides are congruent. The diagonals bisect each other. The diagonals make 2 congruent triangles. Is also a parallelogram.