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1/2 + 1/3 +1/12 + 1/18 + 1/36

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Q: What is a 5 different unit fraction whose sum is 1?
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What are three different unit fractions whose sum is a whole number with a numerator of 1?

1/2 + 1/3 + 1/6 is one example.

How many integers between 300 and 500 have the sum of their digits equal to A?

There are 3 whose sum is 45 whose sum is 57 whose sum is 69 whose sum is 711 whose sum is 813 whose sum is 915 whose sum is 1017 whose sum is 1119 whose sum is 1219 whose sum is 1317 whose sum is 1415 whose sum is 1513 whose sum is 1611 whose sum is 179 whose sum is 187 whose sum is 195 whose sum is 203 whose sum is 211 whose sum is 22.

What is five over eight as a sum of unit fractions?

An algorithm for finding a unit fraction expression for any fraction is the Greedy Method. To use the Greedy Method on fraction X. Start with the largest unit fraction less then fraction X. Then continue in the same manner to represent the remaining value. 5/8th imperial measure or .625 in decimal.

What are the consecutive even integers of whose sum is 264?

There is no pair of consecutive even integers whose sum is 264 - as their average is divisible by 4, that must mean that the sum of the unit digits of each of the pair of numbers could never be a multiple of 4 - which 264 is.

What are 2 different multiples of 10 whose sum is 60?

There is 20+40.

How do you find the sum or difference of a fraction?

The sum of a fraction? Well, to find the sum of the fraction all you do is divide both top and bottom numbers.

Give Two different irrational numbers whose sum is a rational number?

1 + pi, 1 - pi. Their sum is 2.

Two numbers whose sum is 58 and whose diffrence is 16?

The two numbers whose sum is 58 and whose difference is 16 are 21 and 37.

How can many different ways can you write fraction that has a numerator of 3 as a sum of fractions?

There are infinitely many ways.

How many numbers between 10 and 30 whose sum is 5?

Two, whose digital sum is 5.

What are the consecutive integers whose sum is 51?

The consecutive integers whose sum is 51 are 16, 17, and 18.

What is the sum of this fraction 1.8?

The sum is exactly and unequivocally 1.8

What do you call the sum of a whole number and a fraction?

A mixed fraction.

How do you get a sum in a fraction?

Add it

What other n number of unit fractions can be found that sum to 1?

There are infinitely many different ways to make groups of fractions that sum to 1.

Find three consecutive integers whose sum is -93?

find three consecutive integers whose sum is - 93

What is pair of numbers whose sum is 3 and whose difference is 1?

2 and 1 .their sum is 3 .difference is 1

Two consecutive integers whose sum is 73?

The two consecutive integers whose sum is 73 are 36 and 37.

Can any fraction be expressed as the sum of unit fractions?

Yes. Although a negative fraction would have to involve addinig negative unit fractions. A positive fraction is a number of the form x/y where x and y are positive integers. The simplest solution is to add x lots of 1/y.

What is the largest two digit number that can be written as sum of 2 different cubic numbers?

The two different perfect cubes whose sum is closest to 99 without exceeding 99 are 64 and 27 (4^3 and 3^3). Their sum is 91.

How do you use a quadratic equation to find two real numbers whose sum is 5 and whose product is -14?


How many different whole numbers between 0 and 1000 have digits whose sum is 9?

999 are whole.

What three digit number whose digits are all odd and different has a sum of the three digits that is palindromic?


What fraction can you add to a to get a sum of one?

1-a, which may or may not be a fraction.

What shows the sum of a whole number and a proper fraction?

It is a mixed fraction.