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999,999 is 6 digits

Adding 1 makes it 1,000,000 = a 7 digit number.

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Q: What is a 6 digit number when we add 1 to it becomes a 7 digit number?
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Which number you get if you add 1 to the largest four digit number?

9999 is the largest 4-digit number.When added with 1 it becomes 10000. 9999 + 1 = 10000.

What is the largest 4 digit?

It is 9999 (if a one is added, it becomes a five digit number: 9999 + 1 = 10,000)

What is verdic table?

It is a table of numbers that are added and the first digit is displayed but if the answer of the 2 number when added is more than 1 digit, you add them again till it reaches a 1 digit number.

When you divide a 3 digit number by a 1 digit number will the answer ever be a 1 digit number?


What is a digit sum of a number?

To find the digit sum of a number you plus the first 2 numbers together, example:the number 18, 18 is made up of 2 digits 1 and 8.If you add the 2 digits together you get a total of 9.So that is the digit sum of 18.But if you use a higher number like 66 then the method has a small change.First if you add the two digits together it becomes 12.But 12 isn't a single digit sum.So again the 2 digits have to be added together to make a single digit sum.1+2=3 so 3 is the single digit sum for the number 66.

How are binary numbers changed to decimal numbers?

Starting with the number just before the "decimal/binary" point and going left: you leave the first digit as it is, add 2 times the digit to its left, add 4 times the digit to its left, add 8 times the digit to its left, and so on to the end. The multiple is doubled each time. If you have digits to the right of the point, you add 1/2 times the first digit add 1/4 times the digit to its right, add 1/4 times the digit to its right, and so on to the end. The multiple is halved each time. The grand total is the equivalent decimal number.

Nearst thousand number of 3375?

To round off to nearest thousand: Check the number on hundred place. If the digit > 5 : Add 1 to thousand place digit. **If the digit

What is next to number series 15 225 3325 44325 5?

next number to this series is 554325. its look like this 15--add 1 to first digit and we get 2 and repeat two times and leave other digit.225 225-- its first digit is 2 and add 1 to it get 3 and write two time and write remaining digit as 3325. 3325-- its first digit is 3 and add 1 to it get 4 and write two time and write remaining digit as 44325. 44325-- its first digit is 4 and add 1 to it get 3 and write two time and write remaining digit as 554325.

What happens to a numbers tens-place digit when you add ten?

It increases by 1 unless it was a 9. In that case, it becomes a 0 and the previous digit (to the left) increases by 1. Unless that was a 9 in which case ... and so on.

What is the greatest 1 digit number?

The number 9 is the greatest one-digit number.

What is the greatest product of a 2 digit number multiplied by a 1 digit number?

2 digit number

The one digit number that if you add all the factors you get 12?

If you add together all the factors of the number six, you will get an answer of 12:1+2+3+6=12

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