What is a AP course?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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AP stands for "advanced placement" and allows high school students to take a college level course through Collegeboard. The tests are on a variety of subjects from Microeconomics to Statistics to US History. In May, students take a test on the subject. At most state universities, a score of three or higher will earn you some form of college credits. This is very helpful if you want to save time and money in college by helping eleminate some General Education classes if you pass the exams.

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Q: What is a AP course?
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What does the ap in 'ap biology' mean?

AP stands for Advanced Placement. An AP course is similar to an honors course, but college credit can be awarded to students who score high enough on an end-of-the-year AP exam.

Does it look better to get a B in an AP GT course or an A in an Honors course?

Definitely a B in an AP class.

What does an AP student mean?

An AP Student is a high school student who is taking one or more "Advanced Placement" or AP, courses. Depending on the score obtained on an exam at the end of the course, the student may receive college course credit or even be excused from a college course requirement in the subject covered by the AP Course.

Which colleges do not accept AP credits?

It depends on what course it was you took and what score you made on the AP test.

Is ok to withdraw an ap course And can it affect my changes of going to college?

To withdraw the ap course is ok. but it will affect on your studies. you wont be able to study then.

is AP statistics better looked at by 4 year universities than AP calculus?

No, AP Calculus is a far more difficult course.

Where can you find a rhetorical analysis of the poem for an AP English Literature course?

If you are resorting to this website, maybe you shouldn't be in an AP English literature course. Just sayin'.

Typically you need to score or higher on an AP exam to receive college credit for the AP course in the subject tested by the exam?

ap courses

Who is eligible for college board AP exams?

You are eligible to take an AP exam without having taken the AP course. You must thoroughly prepare on your own.

What requires a high score on an end of the course exam to earn college credit?

Ap courses

Is AB calculus AP a post-secondary course?

AP Calculus AB is a post-secondary course that is also offered in many high schools. Students that score high on the AP exam may not have to take certain college math courses.

Where is the college board ap located?

The Collage board ap is located online. The ap is used as an aid to students to help them find a college or university to attend and a course that they want to do.