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there are several different types of lines used in dimensional drawing, most are vertical and horizontal in design.

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Q: What is a Dimension line used in drafting?
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What is a center line for drafting?

what a center line is, is a line in the center used for drafting thanks for the question i really had a good time looking up for you.

Short break line in drafting?

A short break line in drafting is made by using a thick, solid, wavy freehand line. It is used to break up an object.

What is an alphabet of line?

The "Alphabet of Lines" refers to the different styles of lines used in drafting such as to show different features about an object that is drawn: hidden. construction, cutting-plane, visible (object), dimension, extention, phantom, center, section, and border.AnswerIn Drafting, or Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) -- the alphabet of lines are the different lines that draftsmen, architects, engineers, et al use when constructing a drawing. For example, a thick solid line is called an object line and represents the outline of a part on a drawing. A dash line represents an edge that is not visible in a particular view, hence it is called a hidden line.Other common lines used in drafting include dimension lines, extension lines, construction lines, border lines, center lines, among many others depending on the type of drawing.

What is the definition for extension line?

The definition to an Extension Line is:A line used to visually connect the ends of a dimension line to the relevant feature on the part.How Extension Lines are used:Extension lines are solid and are drawn perpendicular to the dimension line.- DarKeneD

How is a reference dimension shown on a drawing?

A reference dimension is commonly shown in paranthesis after the dimension i.e. 15'-0" (REF.) A more common way, according to ANSI/ASME for mechanical drafting, is to simply put parenthesis AROUND the dimension itself [e.g. (Ø2.750)] This eliminates the need to understand the English abbreviation for "reference". The fewer words on a drawing, the better. Hence, the creation of all of the symbols that are used in drafting.

What is an arrowhead?

arrowheads are used to indicate the end of a dimension line or leader

Point is to line as line is to?

Plane. A point has no dimension, a line has one dimension, and a plane has two dimensions.

What is a leader line in engineering drawing?

A leader line is a thin line on a design or blueprint that is used to connect a dimension line with a particular area or point on the drawing.

What is a border line for drafting?

The Border line is the rectangular line drawn around a drafting page. It is usually 12mm or 1/2" offset from the edge of the page in all directions.

How many dimension does a line have?

oneA line segment has one dimension - length, from one end of the line to another. The line is not considered to have any width or thickness.

Is there one dimensional?

Yes. A line segment has one dimension. There are lots of one-dimension shapes. like a ray, line segment and line.

Does a line have a dimension?

Yes, one dimension associated with a measure of length.

How many dimensions does a line have?

A line has one dimension.

What dimension is a line segment?

a line is a 2D figure.

How many demsions does a line have?

A line has one dimension: its length.

What extends in one dimension?

A Line

What has no size and dimension?

a point on a line

What is the only dimension a line has?


What is the only dimension of a line?

Its length.

What is snap line used in proe?

Snap Lines are used in Proe drafting to cleanup dimesions in a View, these lines can be switched off after we cleanup dimensions

What is an object line for drafting?

it is a heavy line that defines the shape and size of an object in a blueprint

What has zero dimension and has an infinite length?

A dictionary "has" all of those words. Note: "a line" is NOT a valid answer because a line has the dimension of "LENGTH" and it cannot be zero or it isn't a line.

What is a reference dimension in an engineering drawing?

A reference dimension is a dimension that is not crucial for the effective use of the part. Reference dimensions are not inspected.A reference dimension may also be a dimension that is shown elsewhere in the drawing but is shown in the current view to help clarify the position of other features in the view. This practice eliminates "double-dimensioning" which is not acceptable in drafting standards.

On a blueprint a dimension is located where on the dimension line?

The dimensions, tolerances and so forth is either over a horizontal line, or to the left of a vertical.

What is a dimension line?

Lines that define the parameters of a dimension.Dimension lines are thin lines terminating in arrowheads. Place dimension lines no closer than 3/8" from the object outline. Parallel dimension lines should be a minimum of 1/4" apart. You may place parallel dimension lines more than 1/4" apart so long as the spacing between dimension lines is uniform throughout the drawing. Dimension lines are generally broken in the center of the line to provide a space for the dimension figure. Dimension figures for parallel dimension lines are staggered. In some structural or architectural drawings, you may find dimension figures placed above the dimension line.