What is a Google?

Updated: 11/9/2022
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No, Google is an internet site where you can ask questions, get answers, look at the weather if your planning on taking a walk with your dog, even to look up old family members you have never met before. The google your thinking of is like googely eyes or something. Anyways you should visit google. you can find the website at the bottom of this page.

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Google is a search engine on the internet

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Q: What is a Google?
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If i asked Google how Google would Google Google for Google or would Google just not Google Google for Google?

Just give it a try.

What happens when you google google on google while using google to google google on googling about googling google to google google with google?

nothing out of the ordinary, shockingly enough. No, the internet doesn't break. When you google google, you get google's own googley google home page as the first google hit.

What are the differnet types of Googles?

Original Google Black Google Orange Google Pink Google Green Google Red Google Yellow Google Blue Google Rainbow Google Ninja Google Epic Google (also known as "too big to use") Weeny Google Pacman Google

How Google books is differ from Google search and Google scholar?

Google Scholar is more advanced than Google.

5 places that knows about you on the computer?

. google . google . google . google and most important... . google

What does Google Plus Google equal?

Google Plus Google equals a social network (Google Plus) and search engine (Google).

What do others think about Google?

Google has everything: from Angry Birds to Google Chrome (something like that). Google came before bing- which is a copycat to Google. This search engine (Google) is endless with information and features like: Google Docs, Google Chrome, Google notebook, Google Earth, Google Sketch-up, Google plus, Google Buzz, and more that is continous. So I rather choose glorious Google than boring bing.

What are all the different Google sites?

weenie google epic google rainbow google google gravity google sphere google sky i don't know all of them but theirs a few.

Who is the manufacturer of Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is owned by the founder of Google and the Google company. It is not just owned by a single person.

What does G stand for in Gmail?

It stands for "google", because it's owned by google. So, it's like googlemail.

Is Google a social networking site?

Google+ is Google's social networking site.

Google or Yahoo?

i cant even use yahoo so google