What is a I-9 form used for?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: What is a I-9 form used for?
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What is a i9 form and what use does it have?

An i9 is an Employment Eligibility Verification form. Apparently it's the law that hiring persons fill one out for each employee they add to their company.

Why does an employer issue an i9 form?

An employer issues a i9 form because the employer is required to do by the united states government to make sure workers are legal and allowed to be working.

Can an Arizonan notary public notarize an I9 form?

If the question is CAN a Notary notarize an I9 form - the answer is that a Notary can notarize ANY form they are presented with.However if the question is MUST the form be notarized, you would have to contact the proper authorities to determine the asnwer to this question.

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What is an I9 Form needed for?

I9 Form is used to verify the identity and employment of a new employee in the United States. This applies for both citizens and non-citizens hired after November 6, 1986. Both employees and employers are to complete the form. The employee must present their employer with suitable documents to evidence his or her identity and employment. Meanwhile, the employer must determine the employment eligibility and determine whether the identity documents presented by the employee appear genuine.

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Valid copies of identification must be submitted with the I9 form to verify you are legally authorized to work in the USA.