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Q: What is a Non-Linear PowerPoint presentation Overview?
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Is outlining a PowerPoint feature?

Yes, PowerPoint provides an outline feature that allows a user to see an overview of the entire presentation.

What is PowerPoint slide pane?

it shows you how your presentation will lokk like it helps you view all the items that will be in your presentation

Is an oral presentation a Powerpoint?

Not necessarily. If you give an oral presentation and do not use any technology, such as Microsoft Powerpoint, then it is just an oral presentation. A Powerpoint presentation is often done as part of an oral presentation, and it can make it more interesting.

What presentation is referred to as a file?

A Powerpoint presentation.

What is a nonlinear presentation?

Im not sure what a nonlinear presentation is but i think it adds links to other slides to be honest I'm really trying to find the answer . Help me with this answer!

Is Powerpoint hardware?

No, it is a software used to create the presentation. We can use the "PowerPoint Presentation" for business, education etc... It will need sometime to create a presentation manually. so we can use the best free PowerPoint templates websites to create a quicker & professional presentation.

What is a PowerPoint?

a presentation document.

What are the advantages of PowerPoint presentations over the other presentation methods?

what are the advantages of powerpoint over the other presentation method

Definition of formal and informal presentation in PowerPoint?

what is formal presentation

Microsoft presentation program?


How do you package PowerPoint and make it play on generic DVD player?

PowerPoint has an option to package your PowerPoint presentation to CD that can be played on any computers. But the CD cannot be played on DVD players that can only play DVD movies. You need to convert PowerPoint presentation to DVD movie format. Try Moyea PPT to DVD Burner, it enables you to convert all PowerPoint presentation to DVD movie format. Thus you can play the PowerPoint presentation on TV. It will retain every elements in the presentation and convert them to DVD video format.

Where can i download the powerpoint file which TED speaker used for presentation in TED?

You can download the powerpoint file with the TED speaker used for presentation at